Monday, June 5, 2017

Maternity Sesh ~ 36 Weeks

   On Tuesday of last week I was called and notified of Emma's scheduled birthday/ my C-section appointment. I sent the date to all my friends and family so they could mark the joyous occasion on their calendars forever. Shouldn't be too hard to remember since it's the day after my birthday! ;) My friend Miriam texted me back saying she really wanted to take maternity pictures for us on Sunday (yesterday) since it had been something we talked about since I took hers last year. We had made this date months ago, but then kind of cancelled it after I was in the hospital for a week last month, since I wasn't sure how things would go or when Emma would be born. Also one of Michael's friends got married in Birmingham on Saturday and he was debating going to that, but decided to stay with me "in case my water broke randomly".
   So I told Miriam that pictures were a go! She came over yesterday at 1:30 with her camera bag (she has a Canon T3i) and goodies for baby Emma. I thought about getting pictures taken during sunset, until she reminded me that it has rained every evening for the past handful of days. And it did rain from 5pm on last night. Michael even felt some sprinkles at Noon while he was outside installing Emmy's carseat bases into our cars, but they went away for us. Phew! We both went through disappointing "fat" moments, throwing clothes around the bedroom, upset that certain tops and pants or dresses didn't fit right at the time or look good on us, both vowing to start eating healthier next week after Emma is born. The box of donuts I bought that morning wasn't helping, but they were delicious! And we've been going out to eat a bit more in a semi-frantic/ romantic "this is the last time it will be just us, then we'll be asking to be seated for a party of 3!" :)
   We took pictures on a dock in one of the neighborhoods behind us, then changed outfits for pictures on the trail near our house, and a few in Emma's room with Sasha. Miriam was such a trooper and pushed through her bad allergies. She said it was due to all of the rain and being around oak trees made it worse, so of course there were 100 oak trees on the trail we were on. But the pictures turned out so great and I'm really glad we have those now! She took a total of about 240 and I've narrowed down to my 29 favorites:
   I feel like the beginning of photo shoots are always a bit more stiff and awkward feeling, so on our short drive to the trail I pulled up my Pinterest account with maternity poses and such to give us different ideas of how to stand. But it also could have been because the second outfit was more comfortable than wearing the dress. Miriam also said she was going to shoot faster, causing us to move around more and then we started getting silly, which helped loosen us up too.
 ^^ Probably my favorite picture from the day. It is currently my phone wallpaper! :)
 ^^ I told Michael, "If we could have one picture to define our relationship, this would be it."
  Michael finished converting Emma's closet into the changing area last night during a few more errands, and I was very thankful that he kept a section for me to hang up some of her clothes. I'll post closet pictures in the next update. We might have to buy some preemie pieces (and diapers!) in a couple weeks before we bring her home, especially if she's only 4 pounds then.
   The past few days between getting everything organized for the closet and me cutting tags off of all Emmy's outfits, hanging up the smaller pieces, and putting the bigger sizes in drawers, Sasha seems to sense that more is changing than usual. She kept laying down in our laps wanting scratches. We are very interested to see how she reacts when we bring Emma home, but we both think she will be very jumpy and sniffy, but sweet and not bark at her new "sister".

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