Saturday, July 1, 2017

Emma's First Weekend

   Emma's first weekend was fun because her grandparents (my parents) came down to visit for about five hours on Saturday, June 17th. Due to planning the day's events around my pumping schedule, we all had lunch first at Yellow Dog Eats, then drove to the hospital to see our baby! They only let two visitors in each baby's NICU area at a time so my mom and I went in first while Michael and my dad waited in the lobby, then we switched.
   During the whole week Michael thought we would not be allowed to give Emma kisses due to the NICU having such strict hand washing policies, so we only "held her" by cupping our hands over her head and under her diaper. I had been a rebel before by sticking my freshly washed fingers in her hand to hold. But on Saturday I asked the nurse Karen if we were allowed to give her kisses. "Oh my goodness, of course!" she told us. There was a lot of excitement that day. She also told us that we would be able to fully hold Emma in our arms once she was off the ventilator that shook her bed. I expected it would be a week or two before that happened.

   The next day, Sunday, June 18th, was Michael's first official Father's Day! I had been very lightly celebrating Mother's Day since May of last year after "having" our first baby, Shrimp, who went straight to Heaven seven weeks into my pregnancy. I thought it was very kind that a handful of friends wished me a Happy Mother's Day then as well as this year while I was still 33 weeks pregnant with Emma.
   We got to the hospital around 12:40 where Michael was presented with his gift that one of the nurses had made the night before. It was a lovely wooden red frame with a heart cut out for a picture. The top says "My Daddy is the Best" with Emma's name and foot prints on the side. I noticed that the room was a little bit quieter than usual- the shaky ventilator was off and they had switched her to one that helped her initiate her own breaths.
  "Does that mean we can hold her!?" I asked. When they said yes, I added half joking, "Well let me just rip my shirt off right now!" I had been told about Skin to Skin, or Kangaroo Care as the nurses were calling it, and how it has a lot of benefits including regulating the baby's heartbeat and creating antibodies in the milk I produce for her.
   The nurse told us that there were some other things that needed to be done before we could hold her, but to plan on 1:30 after they did her "hands on" (changing her diaper, etc). So Michael and I went downstairs to the cafe and got lunch together before heading back up to the third floor at 1:30. However, then a male nurse said he wanted to retape her tube since it was coming lose around her mouth. It ended up being 2:30 before I got to hold her, but it was still a wonderful time. I held her for 45 minutes before we switched and then Michael held her for another 45 minutes.
(PICC line in her arm that was placed on Saturday morning. They were able to take the IV out of her bellybutton.)
Baby mullet! :D
   Later that night Michael and I went out to dinner at Cooper's Hawk. I don't think we will go there again because we've been there at least five times and every time we go there I order something different and haven't found anything that I really like (except the flatbread and free pretzel bread is really good) and always give Michael my left overs. Plus since I had barely eaten anything while in the hospital, I still wasn't very hungry. About three bites into my sausage rigatoni I started thinking about Emma's beautiful hair and her chubby cheeks and suddenly missed her so much, and started to cry. Michael hates when I cry in public, but was able to say some kind words and told me that we could go see her after dinner. I asked for a box the next time our waitress walked by.
   When we got outside I started power walking towards the car, as fast as my incision would let my legs move. Michael called from behind me, "Slow down, Shnooks. The hospital isn't going to close." I stopped on the sidewalk to hold my abdomen and laugh. In the car I told Michael again how great of a husband he was for driving all over town to let me go see Emma again. He told me, "You weren't really twisting my arm. I want to see her too."


  1. A very nice post. I love hearing more Emma stories. I'm glad you are able to spend a lot of time with Emma in these early weeks. -D

  2. She's so precious Rachee! I'm sure it's hard but it seems like she is kicking butt in the NICU. She'll be home in no time 🙏🏻❤️