Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 22 Stars of Paramount Pictures

Since I'm already on my blog and editing program, I might as well just post the other pictures I like best. But I'll keep the description to a minimum, as to not spoil the "event", for those who have not been to it yet. We did get a great deal though, a $5 promo code online and since they asked if we would be fine doing a "walking tour" compared to using a lazy golf cart, we each got $18 off our tickets! So it ended up only being $25 each that my parents paid for. (Parking was an additional ten- cash, which my parents also graciously paid, as well as dinner!)
One star for each of the first 22 original actors "bought" by Paramount.
Pre-screening theater with comfy $500 seats (above lobby photos from inside).
The original Paramount entrance, before they expanded.
The writers' building.
Our tour guide, Jason, in front of Alfred Hitchcock's old office with bay window. 
This whole area was actually used in the 2012 movie, Hitchcock, which Michael and I borrowed from Redbox a few days after the tour and enjoyed very much. It was more for fun seeing the movie and all their backlot scenes after seeing them ourselves mere days before. However, we were perplexed that we could not find the Blu-Ray (or even a DVD copy) in any of the four popular stores we shopped in the following day!
The glorious GLEE sound stage (the biggest on the lot)!
My mom and I stopped to talk to one of Glee's lighting grips. He was very nice and told us that they were filming a NYADA scene. I could see a small part (window) of Rachel, Kurt and Santana's apartment, as well as the white crown molding designs in the NYADA dance studio.

Sneaking a peak of the cast and crew filming "Castle" on the New York set.

Difference between realistic and painted background buildings.
Jason told us that these doors were used in Jennifer Aniston's Aveeno commercial. It's crazy how moving a bunch of plants and a car driving by can make it look like they were set up and filming on the side of a busy road. That's why they call it "movie magic"! We also saw Dr. Phil and his wife (and their dog), but none of us said hello. The same went for comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen, but I didn't even recognize him since he wasn't dressed as his famous character, Borat. That makes me think I really have walked by a bunch of celebrities and not noticed since they are people who aren't on my main shows. But it was a fun, informative day!

Odds & Ends

Lately I have been in scrapbook mode and when that takes over, my blog gets neglected. I found this beautiful website yesterday, but will have to wait until I get paid on Friday to ask Michael if I can purchase anything. Since I've started my new alarm job and after my parents spent a week with us and I let my mom take most of the pictures on her camera, I haven't taken many pictures myself. Or when I do now they are only Polaroids, not digital.
I don't want to go into much detail or before I know it, the morning's sun will have set again, but here are a few pictures from the Paramount Studio Tour that we did on Monday, April 15th. We met Alex Newell who plays Wade/Unique on Glee and I found some screen caps to match a bathroom scene that was in the New York episode of Season 2. (The top photo of that set is one I took.)
Maybe I'll edit the rest of my favorites later. Michael told me that he would like me to make a scrapbook of the second horror feature he worked on last April, Rockabilly Zombie Weekend. He even found a recent article with his make up fx skills mentioned!! Also lately Michael has been practicing airbrushing abs on my stomach (for a 2-day gig he is at right now) and re-learning beauty make up, again with me as his canvas. He has been very successful with that part, in my opinion.