Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Odds & Ends

Lately I have been in scrapbook mode and when that takes over, my blog gets neglected. I found this beautiful website yesterday, but will have to wait until I get paid on Friday to ask Michael if I can purchase anything. Since I've started my new alarm job and after my parents spent a week with us and I let my mom take most of the pictures on her camera, I haven't taken many pictures myself. Or when I do now they are only Polaroids, not digital.
I don't want to go into much detail or before I know it, the morning's sun will have set again, but here are a few pictures from the Paramount Studio Tour that we did on Monday, April 15th. We met Alex Newell who plays Wade/Unique on Glee and I found some screen caps to match a bathroom scene that was in the New York episode of Season 2. (The top photo of that set is one I took.)
Maybe I'll edit the rest of my favorites later. Michael told me that he would like me to make a scrapbook of the second horror feature he worked on last April, Rockabilly Zombie Weekend. He even found a recent article with his make up fx skills mentioned!! Also lately Michael has been practicing airbrushing abs on my stomach (for a 2-day gig he is at right now) and re-learning beauty make up, again with me as his canvas. He has been very successful with that part, in my opinion.


  1. I was really glad to see you post photos of the GLEE bathroom (1) empty, and (2) from a scene in the show. A really good comparison that way. -D

  2. You and your mom look like sisters! And I love how you do your scrapbooks by making them with the rings and ribbon in them. You're so creative!!! :-D