Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saint Augustine, FL

On Tuesday I had the whole day off (meaning I was able to go to sleep early -2am- the night before so I could get up at a normal human hour -9am), so we went to St. Augustine. I went there with my mom, sister-in-law Jacquie, and her daughter Peyton. I thought it was interesting, so I wanted Michael to come with me and look around too. Here are my favorite pictures from that day:
Last time I did not go into the school house area (the oldest wooden school house in the United States!) because it was five dollars and did not want to spend the money or have them wait for me while I looked around. But I went this time and Michael checked out a few shops while I was taking these pictures:
I learned that school was 12 and 1/2 cents per day. If the parents didn't have the money to pay, then the child had to bring in firewood or food for the teacher and his wife. The teacher and his wife lived upstairs, and the children who misbehaved had to sit in a closet under the stairs as punishment.
For lunch we ate at Henley's. I decided on that place since I didn't want to go where we ate last time, which was Bunnery Cafe. It was good and the sandwiches were good portions, but I wanted to try a new place. I had gotten a good tuna melt sample early this day, so we went back about an hour later when we got hungry.
Michael enjoyed looking in the different shops and I ended up buying a few Christmas presents in a store called "Materialistic". We walked towards the bridge that goes over the water towards the beaches, but did not go to the beaches that day. There was a putt putt golf area, but nobody was playing when we walked by. We stayed there for a few minutes so Michael could look at the boats and yachts, then walked around the Fort (Abbey?) since it cost money to go inside and we were on a budget.
The last place I wanted to go in was a shop with very pretty Nativity sets in the window. We had to go down a short alley into a garden area, then through the door which was at the back of the building. After we looked at the various items for sale, the cashier told us that we could go through the chapel connected to the store and look around, so we did. It was very quiet. Michael didn't like it.
For dessert Michael got a caramel apple with pecans and white chocolate. I got a milkshake from Chick-Fil-A on the way home since that was cheaper than getting ice cream there. Last time I got a turtle cheesecake waffle cone that Jacquie paid for! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

We are Grounders

Last week on Netflix I finished Season two of "The 100", a show that takes place 97 years after the apocalypse where everyone that they know of lives in space. The 100 kids over the age of 18, who have committed some sort of crime, are sent down to Earth to find out it if is inhabitable since they are unsure if they can withstand the radiation levels. A few episodes in, the kids find out they are not alone and meet the Grounders, who are people who have made this land their home.
They wear war paint like this and parts of their outfits are salvaged, such as shoulder pads made from tires. I did my own hair and make up (which is an attempt to mirror Commander Lexa's) to surprise Michael when he got home from his friend's house, but he took the pictures for me. His reaction to my make up was "Wowsers!" He likes dark make up like this. I think it looks pretty awesome too! Plus it was fun to do and only took a few minutes. It would have been more accurate if I had some cuts and dirt on my face since they are always fighting to stay alive. And having two other Grounders in the pictures with me would have been even more fun.
I didn't have much else in my wardrobe that seemed like something they would wear, so as usual, Blood Window costume to the rescue (vest and arm piece)! My favorite part is the red cape, which is actually my long pioneer skirt that Michael hooked onto the back! I wanted to go for a walk today since neither of us had to work, but alas, Orlando is still a humid 92 degrees in November.
We found a path along one of the paved trails we walk and were out there for about 10 minutes until Michael could no longer stand the mosquitoes. At one point he even ripped his button down shirt open because he could feel one biting him. That was amusing to watch. This last picture of mushrooms on the tree was taken by me since I miss my macro photos. I need to take more, even if it's just around our complex.