Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Am Thankful For..

(in no particular order).. "favorite days" ~ motivation ~ getting real mail/letters ~ free stuff! ~ "clean" comedians ~ Holidays & decorating/ celebrating ~ the sweetest hubs! ~ going on dates ~ new toothbrushes & feeling clean ~ cold air when I'm hot (tile floors) ~ heaters for the few times that its cold outside (and warm water!) ~ organizational skills ~ dollar aisles and dollar menus ~ going for walks, going swimming and the full ability to use my limbs ~ heart shaped objects (such as: leaves & chicken sandwiches!) ~ times when I have patience ~ smoothies and pizza parties ~ making new friends ~ Zumba classes ~ answered prayers ~ hand made gifts (given & received) ~ when employees let me "recycle" my coupons or rain checks! ~ cool film cameras ~ natural beauty and my ability to see it ~ my new car! & the Gore family's selflessness ~ trash bags that smell like vanilla ~ the genius who decided to put a napkin and a mint in the tuna snack packs! ~ my full-time job ~ having so much to be thankful for.
Aaaand for baby Sasha & the love she shares with us.
*Photo, courtesy of Charles Parker Gore*

What are YOU thankful for today? =)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Leu

This weekend has been very nice. After Michael ran a few morning errands - for breakfast and to get flowers for his mom (he's such a sweetie pie!) we met Ms. Patty and Parker at the Peabody hotel to watch the Duck March. They ran down the red carpet pretty fast, luckily we had a warning. And I was still able to get this shot:
Then we went to the Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens where Michael proposed. I've been wanting to go back for ages! The weather was hot, but the sunshine was enjoyable. We were worried that it would rain, but never got more than a few sprinkles. I have very much liked having Parker around to take all the digital photos on his Canon T2i because I feel like I can enjoy more of life when I don't have my face hidden behind a camera. However, I really do like having photo memories as well. Parker took a wonderful reenactment Polaroid of Michael and I in the "Cinderella area" where that special moment happened at 1:41pm on Saturday, September 25th 2010. There were more mini Polaroids taken, but these few were the prettiest. Michael took the gazebo one below. The light colors turned out much prettier when he over exposed it than when I first attempted it from a different angle.

Side note ~ I am currently obsessed with THIS Taylor Swift music video & am going to see if I can convince Julie to be my model for a related photo shoot in the near future.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grinch & Friends

Here are some of the pictures that I have edited from our shoot last Saturday. These include Angela as a Who! These are more "Behind the Scenes". I haven't really looked at many actual pictures of AJ and Angela together because that would just be "The Scenes". Plus I'm waiting to see what the ones that were taken on his camera look like ~ 

You're a Mean One..

Michael has been working on a Grinch costume for AJ - on and off - for the past few months. He got it all finished last Saturday and we were able to have our photo shoot. It wasn't as elaborate as we once talked about - a few Who's and a Cindy Lou Who, all in front of a big Christmas tree. It became just a Grinch photo shoot mostly, with one Who (Angela) who was the DP - director of photography, in charge of setting up lighting for the BTS video that she made. Here are some pictures of Michael and AJ getting the Grinch fur added onto a cowl, back in November. I was asked not to post these pictures until the whole shoot had been completed. So finally, here they are ~

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Its a Beautiful Day!

One thing that I don't mind about waking up early for work is that I get to see God's various paintings in the sky. These were taken around 7am a couple days ago.

Other sky pictures that I took on my phone last week:

~ Music to Match ~

Hooray for Holidays

I was very surprised and excited when I checked the mail and saw that we had received two big packages from our families for Valentine's Day. Thank you! Here are some pictures of the goodies delivered:
(I have found that the bell seems to work more effectively on Sasha.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Stand-In Extraordinaire

The extended Blood Widow trailer came out earlier today. (The one before was a teaser.) I was able to watch in on break because one of the girls at my table brought her iPad. Although my anxiety to view its contents had been quenched, I enjoyed it the second time better - when I could increase the volume and pay more attention. I also really like it because.. I'm in it!! You don't see my face, but anyone can tell that it's obviously me. =)

I'm at 0:46 - over the shoulder, looking out the window. I was able to stand in as Blood Widow because Gabbie Henry (the actress who normally portrayed her) wasn't able to make it that day. Lucky for me, Gabbie and I are basically the same size. The shot after that in the journal includes my hand writing and rubbing-papers-into-the-dirt skills. At 1:08, you see a frail hand pick up a porcelain clown mask. That hand is mine. That was an insert shot that they needed to get after the actress, Kelly Kilgore (who plays Harmony) had gone home for the day. We haven't been informed yet when the premiere will be, but even more I'm excited now. *I have chosen to attach a self portrait of Ryan and myself from the middle of our three week shoot. I miss her already! I came up with a great idea of asking her if she wanted to hang out this weekend, before realizing her and Ben have left Orlando, destined for greater things. (Photo by Glen Stewart, Lighting Gaffer on Blood Widow.)