Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cotton Field

   After the farms, we stopped by a cotton field that we found on the way home. We took a bunch of fun silly pictures and I like them a lot. It was so great spending time with my closest friends before we move away again to live in Birmingham until we can save up enough to move to Atlanta.
  After my friends went home, or back to their parent's houses (since Mia and Tonia don't live in Alachua anymore either), Daddy and I went on a father-daughter date to Texas Roadhouse. I bought this orange and blue dress when I saw it at Ross, just for this occasion.

Thin Obsession Reunion

  I have been wanting to go to Dudley Farms for a while, at least since I found out it existed. Who knew there was a cute pioneer area just 20 minutes from where we've been living! Now since I'm spending 19 days in Gainesville while Michael finishes Grinchmas in Orlando, I was able to plan this fun day with Mia, Sharanya, and Tonia. I call us the Thin Obsession Team, as Mia, Sharanya and Tonia were the actresses to my writing, shooting, directing, and editing, back in 2004 when I made the "movie trailer" for my TV Production class in 11th grade. I sure wish I could add a link riiight here. But since my only copy of the trailer is on a DVD now, I'm not sure how to get it back onto my computer to put it on the Internet. I watched it so often on the VHS, the audio got really messed up and jumbled and I don't want people to think I made it that way on purpose or that I think it sounds awesome like that.

  Here are my pictures from our lovely rainy time at Dudley Farms today:
  ^^ signing "water" into Mia's hand!
  ^^ volunteer, Bennett told us about the two wells on the property

Thursday, December 19, 2013


   The following are more pictures that I don't know why I never posted because I think they are really nice. These photos are also from the middle of July 2012, same as the ones I wrote about last Tuesday, and are mainly with Alana's horse Starpoint. Alana's house has inspired me to hang up more of my favorite pictures that I have taken. Like turning my scrapbook room into a museum, so I might do that when Michael and I get back to Birmingham. Can't beat those $1 frames at Dollar Tree!
Pinterest was great for me during this time, and still is. I was able to find a lot of really nice poses from other photographers and try to replicate them. They usually turned out a little different since I have less experience with a nice camera, especially at this point and I'm definitely still learning, but none the less, I believe the photos turned out really nice. Much thanks to my fabulous model and her beautiful horses. And to Cody for crinkling a grocery bag to make the horses look where I wanted. ;)
 Starpoint is a 2001 Bay Thoroughbred Mare.
   This is my last old update before I start posting what has happened a lot more recently.

Tea for Two

   Another one of Alana's super cute ideas for a photoshoot in July of 2012 was to have a tea party with Squirt. She had a table with purple tulle and a cute fluffy skirt. I helped her pick out the little cups, plates and other decor for the table, such as the book and flowers.
    I remember that I used the 50mm for these pictures because I was amazed how just using a lower aperture setting could make the almost dark sky around 8pm look like 4pm again. (I love the good half of Daylight Saving!) There was a lot of laughing in this shoot because Squirt kept knocking over the cups and the flowers.
^^ Alana and Cody have the above two photos blown up and in 18" x 24" frames
at their house. Maybe next time Michael and I visit, there will be more pictures framed.
Some from December 2013 perhaps? ;) ^^
♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡