Thursday, December 19, 2013


   The following are more pictures that I don't know why I never posted because I think they are really nice. These photos are also from the middle of July 2012, same as the ones I wrote about last Tuesday, and are mainly with Alana's horse Starpoint. Alana's house has inspired me to hang up more of my favorite pictures that I have taken. Like turning my scrapbook room into a museum, so I might do that when Michael and I get back to Birmingham. Can't beat those $1 frames at Dollar Tree!
Pinterest was great for me during this time, and still is. I was able to find a lot of really nice poses from other photographers and try to replicate them. They usually turned out a little different since I have less experience with a nice camera, especially at this point and I'm definitely still learning, but none the less, I believe the photos turned out really nice. Much thanks to my fabulous model and her beautiful horses. And to Cody for crinkling a grocery bag to make the horses look where I wanted. ;)
 Starpoint is a 2001 Bay Thoroughbred Mare.
   This is my last old update before I start posting what has happened a lot more recently.

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