Thursday, December 5, 2013

Apartment Therapy, Orlando II

   You can review part one again here, from when I took pictures around Miriam and Garth's house last October. But this week I wanted to post some nice photos of the decor around Alana and Cody's house. And I'll post new condo pictures when we get back to Birmingham in January.
   She has a nice boat theme in the guest bathroom, and I love the turquoise blue color of the walls. The guest bed is really comfy with four super soft pillows. I'll have to make that a priority when we have a house with a real guest bedroom. Right now we're like, "Oh, just move all that scrapbook stuff out of the way. There's a blow up mattress in the closet." Ha.
   They have a Charlie Brown tree too- my mom's favorite! Michael and I have a mini date tonight to get a little fake tree tonight with a box of lights, and maybe one ornament, to take around to the different places we will stay this month. That Ho Ho Ho card below is from me! ;)
   They have a lot of nice wedding pictures blown up and framed around the house, which were taken in May by photographer Terri Smith. They also have a couple pictures that I took of Alana and her horse, Squirt, last summer, as well as pictures from their honeymoon when they spent 17 glorious days in London, Rome, Venice and Paris.
   Last night Alana showed me most of the honeymoon pictures. I haven't seen the Paris pictures yet, but so far, Rome looks like my favorite! Maybe Michael and I can fly over there for a week for our 5-year or 50-year anniversary? ;)

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