Sunday, December 8, 2013

Portraits ~ Gore Family

   Today when Michael got home from work, he agreed to do a photoshoot with me. Yay! We promised to only take "a few", but in Rachel and Alana terms, "a few" means about 100. ;) My favorite moment was when Michael stopped to fix my necklace. It was something really simple, but made me feel special and cared for. Also whispering to me that I looked pretty was also quite wonderful and a compliment on my own make up skills.
♥ What a preciously suave smirk he has. I love it!
The picture is below on the right might be my #1 favorite of these.
   I also wanted to have Fancy in the pictures. She seemed a little neglected this week and unhappy about not being needed for the Amish pictures or the mythical pictures that Alana took this morning. Fancy had to be put in the backyard for a while, but she was able to escape through the gate and got in some of those pictures at the end. But today Squirt didn't like being left out either and kept trying to stand next to us. And its hard to argue with a 950-pound horse!
   Alana took all of these pictures for us, using our Canon T2i and I love them!! Michael had some really great smiles today. And I keep forgetting by writing that Michael came "home" from work, even though we won't really be home until four weeks from now. But home is where your heart is, right? ;)

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  1. Another great photo shoot! And a nice variety of casual, posed, relaxed, positioning choices. Well done! -D