Saturday, December 7, 2013

Amish Photoshoot

   Is that not an enjoyable oxymoron? Especially with our naked heads (no bonnets), my fleshy neck, wrist tattoo and manicure, Alana's bare legs and our fancy wedding rings- not to mention all the eye contact with the camera. We have been shunned for sure! But I still feel like we did a pretty good job dressing up for the pictures with what we had. And most importantly, it was fun.
   Alana told me that she got the doctor's buggy with her dad in Helen, Georgia when she was about 15 years old. Last month she reminded me that she had it and I immediately added "Amish Photoshoot" to the top of our mental picture list. This afternoon Alana got the harness put on Squirt with a bit in her mouth and blinkers over her eyes. Squirt did a really good job standing still for the pictures even when I shook the reins a little for authenticity.
   I brought my Wide Polaroid camera with me and took a few film photos this day. I had to get one of our great photographer, Cody, who also moved the buggy from the garage into the shade. Being in the shade wasn't very hot, but it was still nice changing back into a tank top and shorts afterwards. Alana took the pictures of me alone in the buggy and of the "Polaroid tree".
   At 4pm, we all (with Michael) went to the shopping area where the movie theater is and saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was really good. Michael already wants to see it again (it already was Alana and Cody's second time) and felt that it had more action. We all liked it more than the first movie.

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