Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby Christmas Tree

   Last night Alana and I played Wii Fit and Wii Sports then Cody watched High School Musical 2 with us while we waited for Michael to get back from work. We went to Wal-Mart to get a baby tree, but the garden area was locked and closed off. Why can't people buy plants at night? What if it was a flower bed emergency? So we went this morning and actually got the tree from Lowe's along with the little bobble ornaments. The other ornaments, top angel and tree skirt are from Hobby Lobby. Michael did not approve of the Florida weather being 85 degrees as we gathered our winter holiday decorations.
   Of course I made Michael do all the work so I could take the pictures, but doesn't the tree look wonderful? This morning I watched the newest Christmas episode of Glee and I thought their tree looked super cool. It was decorated with berries, pinecones, sticks and thin burlap ribbon and antlers!! Even if I bought myself a wreath or a small plant (which I mistook for a poinsettia since it has red ribbons all over it), it would be cool to decorate it every year. Just a thought.
   I always have to get an Amish-y ornament. Cody asked me why, but I just do. I like them. They look more crafty I suppose. The owl's tail and beak are made out of sticks. That's as crafty as Hobby Lobby could get. Target is much better with Amish ornaments with their soft sewn together animals, but we don't really know our way around this area. (Cody took the picture of Michael and I as well as this one of Alana and I with the doggies.)
   Tonight Alana, Cody and I (with the dogs, Oliver and Penelope) went to "Light Up Clermont" in their little downtown area. They stopped by the food trucks for dinner and got shredded beef tortas at El Cactus Azul. Then we walked along and got free popcorn and a photo with a Santa who gave us jelly blue glow-in-the-dark "Jesus Loves You" bracelets. They had bouncy castles and a foam machine that blew out soap to look like snow. We got free cookies from a place that sells ovens and fixes air conditioners, then at 7:30 there was a very anti-climatic countdown before even more lights in the trees were flipped on. I didn't bring the camera, but it was a fun time and made me want to go to other similar events.
   Well, off to play more Wii Sports and watch High School Musical 3! ;)

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  1. I like the small tree and the decorations on it. The last photo was unique, using your reflection off the Christmas tree ball. -D