Sunday, December 8, 2013

Portraits ~ Smith Family

   Alana and Cody met at a Christian retreat in 2002. They didn't meet again until five years later when they played volleyball with a church group and immediately became friends. Their love of life made them enjoy each other's company and it wasn't long before they became best friends. In the spring of 2011, they took a magical trip to Disney World. It was Alana's first time and she fell in love with Cody that day. They got engaged earlier this year on Cody's birthday. He proposed to Alana after a picnic in her horse pasture. And were married in Tallahassee in May. ♥
   Alana has owned Squirt for 19 years and Fancy for 10. They got their dog, Oliver, last December (you can view his first photo shoot from January here!) and Penelope in October. At this rate they will have 17 puppies before they have their first child, but Cody did joke about having 17 kids too. "One for each puppy!" This family always bring lots of laughs to each photoshoot, which makes them so fun to work with and be around.
   And together they shall live happily ever after.

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