Thursday, September 29, 2016

Full Sail Mode

  I have recently decided that in order to stop thinking about babies all the time (although my friend Lindsey did show me this great Barren to Beautiful blog that I think has finally let me "let it go" and give it to God) and worrying every few weeks about whether our "time together" has worked when I hoped it would, I'm going to throw myself into my Full Sail blog and continue to update it as if it just happened. I really like that on this blog and on that one, it lets me post stuff in the past, so I can schedule it to post in 2009, 2010 or 2011.

  I'll probably write about my favorite parts first, so it will be all over the place if you happen to read that one too. Some of my favorite times were Christmas premieres after I lost all my 2008 "depression weight", Disney and Universal trips, mini vacations with Michael's family, all the prep before our wedding.. And so many more, including all of the behind the scenes I took while we were filming Blood Widow, but I might have to ask the director, Jeremy Buckholt, if he is fine with that.

  Last night Michael and I went on a date and I told him I wanted to dress up. He asked if he could stay in his work clothes. I said that was fine because it still looked nice: VAMP polo and tan slack shorts, plus his beard looks nice right now. It is so much easier not to try to change him. I let him decide where he wanted to go out to eat and as usual, he picked his favorite: Bahama Breeze. It was a nice date with hand holding and getting to hear about the first three days of "school" have been!

  We've got some stuff planned next month that I'm already looking forward to: my cousin Lindsey visiting, photo shoot of Michael (hopefully- I've been wanting to do that for a couple months because I feel like the only one of his was from five years ago), a trip to New Smyrna Beach, our first Halloweeen Party with matching outfits.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Florida Aquarium

Alternate titles: The Tampa Aquarium
& 100 Pictures of Peyton Looking at Fish

  For Jacquie's 25th birthday on Sunday, Mommy had the fun idea of going to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Originally Michael and I had plans to go camping these five days, but Heather changed the date of VAMP's classes to start yesterday. We will go camping by the end of this year!! I am glad I was able to go to the aquarium even though usually I'm like "eh, fish". This one is a good one. It's really big with animals other than fish, and even though they raised the prices from $20 to $25 since the last time I went with my friends during Full Sail, with $6 for parking, it seems worth it. But that's coming from someone who didn't have to pay for their ticket.. Tee hee ~ thank you!

PS ~ I narrowed down the 700 pictures I took on the Canon to just a measly 52. ;)
 Mandatory snake picture for Michael! ;D
There were also two huge snakes in a bigger cage, one was laying under water.
 Super cool Eel Garden! What? It was like they just grew out of the sand.
 Mommy took this picture with the Canon of me petting the sting rays.
 Peyton attempting to share her goldfish crackers with the penguin!
 Another great photo by Mommy. & Zach took the one of us in the shell.
 This bunch is my favorite. She seemed so amazed watching all the fish and other sea creatures.
I think I even heard her whisper "whoa" even though she doesn't really talk yet. 
She did say "plee" each time I handed her a strawberry during lunch after Jacquie prompted her 
with a polite, "What do you say?" In the picture above it even looks like that little yellow fish 
is amazed to see such a cute little human. "Ooooh."
  ^^  My #1 favorite picture from this day. 
Not counting the one I didn't post where she looks like a little Rachel! :)
 The teensiest baby seahorse.
SHRIMP!! I love you, Shrimp. 
I ordered a 2-3 inch glass Shrimp Christmas ornament last night.
   When she gets antsy and doesn't want to be still for more pictures, it makes the picture better when she make the crabby faces with her. She got back in the stroller with more goldfish after this. 
For some reason she didn't take a nap on the 2+ hour drive down from Gainesville, 
but I heard that she slept really well on the way home!
   I don't have any new posts planned for right now, aside from updated house pictures when we get all our Halloween decorations up, so I might go back to updating my Full Sail blog -as if it all just happened- since I really enjoy looking at all those pictures from 7 years ago (2009).