Sunday, September 25, 2016

Marry You Every Day

"Falling in love is by chance, 
staying in love is by choice." 
~ Unknown
   Today is a very special day because six years ago Michael asked me to be his wife. I know I have blogged about this before but don't usually include too many old photos and since I never made a Full Sail blog while I was there (oh that is the only thing I would change if we could do it all over again!), I'll post my favorites here. When we first started "officially" dating, I was still nervous about it even though I cried being away from him. I changed my Facebook status to "in a relationship" with him, then later texted him, asking if he saw it. So on Tuesday night (earlier this week) I said what I should have said back in July 2009: I told him how much I care about him and missed him, after only being out of Orlando for maybe eight hours that day. How I didn't like thinking about not being with him and how stupid I was for wanting to hang out with Mark in Gainesville that weekend when I had this new, cute, funny, super sweet, almost perfect guy standing in front of me day after day, saying he would wait for me. *Slaps 22-year old me in the face.*

  I put my hands together and asked, "Can I pleeease be your girlfriend?"
  Michael barely looked at me as we were driving to Target. "Do you need me to answer that question?"
  "Yes please," I smiled back at him.
   He looked at me with that smirk I love so much, "I'll think about it." 
I like writing stuff like this because it puts me back in real-fantasy mode. Plus I get to look at the 50,000 pictures I took during those years.

   You can see where I have written about how we met and when we were dating here and big points from our engagement to wedding here. I don't have any wedding prep photos on here either, so I'll have to add those on here too some day. That was also a very fun time after graduating.
We held hands for the first time this night: 14 July 2009
Officially boyfriend & girlfriend pics: end of July 2009
In Birmingham, AL for the first time, meeting his family ~ 24 September 2009.
Michael's 21st birthday, we saw Owl's of Ga'hoole, October 2009.
The first and last time I attended Universal's Halloween Horror Nights!
Catching the bouquet and garter at Christopher & Meredith's wedding, 2 January 2010.
Together forever ~ EPCOT, April 2010.
Filming the Star Wars TV episode for our HD class ~ June 2010.
At the Miami Zoo, during our Fort Lauderdale Trip ~ July 2010.
   I knew Michael was going to propose to me because we already had our wedding date picked out. We changed it from Sept 24th (but moved it up since we were hoping to have jobs by then, and Michael did start working at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights around that time), to April 9th (but people aren't allowed to get married during Lent because its a sad time), to May 7th so I would have five full weeks to prep after graduating on April 1st. I had already tried on wedding dresses, and felt a little bit lame when the employee helping me asked to see my ring. But I don't remember caring too much because I knew we were getting married! In July 2010, we were vacationing in Fort Lauderdale to celebrate Independence Day and Michael's brother's birthday. It was after we watched fireworks in one of the top stories of the hotel: Michael asked me to stay inside while he "talks to his parents about something". He knew I knew what that meant. Such an exciting time!
Our engagement dinner at Ruth's Chris ~ 25 September 2010.
Star Wars convention ~ October 2010.
On the set of our Final Project "Gruff's Bridge" ~ 16 January 2011.
Re-creating our first pictures together before graduating ~ 28 March 2011.
One last trip to Cocoa Beach, where we first talked about spending our lives together ~ 4 April 2011.
Michael's makeup FX shop that he worked in for Blood Widow ~ 15 May 2011.
   The past few weeks' topics have really shined the light on our relationship (that's not a baby code, nothing new this month), but really just thinking how nice it is to have someone to be with who makes me laugh every single day. Michael tells me often that I look cute/ beautiful and that he is lucky to have me. I'm the lucky one! He is such a kind, caring man with the right amount of silly and sarcasm. He loves Sasha and I like thinking if he cares about a little dog that much, how much more he'll love our kids.

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  1. You look so young in the pictures! I love how well documented the pictures are! I'm very happy for you and Michael and your relationship! It's nice to have a married sister to talk to cause sometimes my sisters don't understand the struggle since they aren't married. I'm in the process (very slowwww) of creating a scrap book and want to make one of mine and Zach's relationship before Peyton and Helena and everything. You give me lots of inspiration and motivation with all your creativity.