Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our Baby Shower

   Last Friday I was able to drive up to Gainesville so my mom and I could run errands and get the last bit of decorations and food items needed for the baby shower.  Originally I was planning on having two baby showers (a second one was semi-planned for May 20th at our house in Orlando), but after Michael said baby showers are more of a girl thing and he didn't want to invite any of his friends, I only had three people to invite, and none of those friends know each other.. So I cancelled it, which it makes it extra special that my mom worked really hard to make this one so great!! ♡ I was also really thankful for being able to drive up on Friday since Michael's car had been at the dealership getting worked on and we had been carpooling the past two days. I really enjoyed having his company to and from work, but that meant he had to get up an hour early so I could be at work by 6:20am (normally he leaves for work around 6:35am). But we were able to pick up his car last Thursday night.
   Between running errands, my mom and I met Zach and Jacquie at Peyton's daycare for "International Day", since they aren't allowed to celebrate Easter. Each classroom was set up as a different country and each parent brought an assigned dish. Zach made Australian Parmesan puffs. Italy was my favorite - I love my carbs! We stayed up late cutting cards and wrapping the popcorn and by 10:30pm, Mommy said we could just put out a plate of Milano cookies instead of decorating them with icing to look like babies. Yet the next morning when I came back from breakfast with Grandpa and Daddy, what was she working on? The Milano babies! Luckily I think she had a little bit of time to rest, and this week my parents have been on vacation visiting Grandma Belva. I'm hoping Michael and I will get a chance to take Emma to meet her while I'm on maternity leave, but we might have to plan for sooner than later.
  I know Mommy was glad she made time to decorate the Milano baby cookies because they were such a hit! Everyone mentioned how cute they were and not a single one was left uneaten!  I forgot to take a picture of the matching plates, cups, and napkins, but they were a light green with a baby carriage on them.
   The first hour consisted of everyone eating, greeting, and talking together, then we began playing games. The first one was an old wives tale quiz and everyone had to write down if they thought that comment was supposed to mean a person would have a boy or a girl. I wrote my answers down by what changes I had noticed or not in the past seven months, but still got four wrong. Mia's mom won that game. The second game was everyone had to cut a piece of string in the circumference of what they thought my belly was, then Mommy measured me: 37 inches. Lindsey won since her string was the shortest at 39 inches, while a lot of other people's string measured in the high 40's or low 50's, ha!  The third game is what I called "the pee game". We wore balloons under our shirts or dresses to simulate pregnancy, and then had to hold a quarter between our knees to simulate holding our bladder, and walk the 30 feet to the patio where we would attempt to drop the quarter into a cup.
 Tonia's younger sister Kendall got her quarter in the cup in the first try, so we upped it to "two quarters to win". Kendall got her second quarter in too! Mommy passed out pre-wrapped prizes to the three game winners. We also had a word scramble game to play, but skipped it since we still had to do cake and presents! I didn't get a picture of the inside of the cake, but it was from Publix - vanilla with fresh strawberries in the middle. It was very good and Michael definitely devoured the leftovers we took home! ;)  Alana was super helpful and took pictures on our Canon of us cutting the cake and opening all of the presents.
 ^^ Oh my GOSH, he is such a cutie!!  I was really surprised with how many presents there were, and that each person gave us about five things. Everyone followed my request of bringing a book instead of a greeting card since books will get much more use. Alana and Robin both got us huge boxes of diapers (around 200 count each). That should last us about a month or two, right? Haha. I definitely want to use this bunny as a prop when I document Emma's growth each month and see how long it takes her to get bigger than the bunny.
 Although Mia also got us a baby book, she couldn't resist getting a card and writing a lot of great things inside. I keep these cards from her forever because they are so fun to read years later. Of course I wish Mia could have been there, but I knew it was impossible with her living in Colorado.  Her mom sent her lots of pictures and videos of the party, and I called her on my drive home.
 ^^ My mom filled this box with a lot of my own baby clothes, including the outfits I came home from the hospital in almost 30 years ago! I don't look anywhere near almost 30, right? ;)  Michael got this picture of me with Mia's mom before everyone left. The party was scheduled from 1-3pm, but with extra time to open all of the presents, lasted until 4pm! But it was so sweet of everyone to stay the whole time and not rush us through any of the party. It was a very enjoyable time.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Princess and the Pee

  I'm already laughing again from being impressed that I thought of that post title, ha! It came from how I had to ask Michael if we had a step ladder since our mattress is abnormally high and recently, being 30 weeks -and 3 days- pregnant now, I am having trouble pulling myself up onto the bed after my average of three trips per night to use the bathroom. He did have a step ladder with one step, which is perfect and while on that step, it makes the mattress a normal height.

Other bodily notes:
  -- Still having some acid reflux feelings in my throat most days, but Tums help.
  -- I have an ongoing leg cramp, which started close to two weeks ago? It's mostly in my right calf muscle, but I also felt it in my left calf last night. Luckily it doesn't really cramp up too often to the point where I have to get out of bed and walk around the room. I've begun eating bananas again to help with that.
  -- One new thing is how I feel pressure in my lower "baby areas", It is mostly felt when I'm sitting in the car, as if she is already getting in position, and/or my hips are widening or make room for "her journey"! I'm trying not to think too much about that part and keep imaging her poofing into my arms once I lay on the hospital bed. Michael told me I'll be fine though because of the epidural.
  -- Still currently weigh 127 pounds (which is a 15 pound gain since October)
  -- My Baby Brain has definitely kicked in since last week and some of the things I say don't make sense. Michael isn't prepared for that, but it is making for some funny stories already. Ha! Although he was the one who accidentally threw away a loaded $50 Buy Buy Baby gift card. Luckily he quickly realized it and dug through the trash for a minute to find it. Pheeeew!!

   Anyway, here are all my favorite "photoshoot" pictures from Saturday, before and after Emma's baby shower. Alana took the pictures of Michael and I on the Canon with the 50mm lens. Lindsey and I made sure to do "pregnancy twin" pictures again, and then I got a few "premiere" pictures with Jacquie and Tonia as well. I'm a little less in the mood to be very posey when I don't weigh 105 pounds. ;)  Sharanya wasn't able to make it to the party since she flew to LA that morning. She really had a lot of fun and I wish I could have gone hiking again in Griffith Park with her!
 ^^ Trying to hug, but our bumps are too big now. Haha. Even look so much younger and I was just a lucky pregnancy newb back when we took the first set in January.
 ^^ Tonia's baby Ashlyn is already 10 months old now. And I can't believe it has been over a month since Whitney, the girl from work (not pictured), had her baby. I seriously feel like that just happened!!
  ^^ The sign is hard to read, but it says "future BFFs". The picture below is my favorite of us.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Right Here, Right Now

♪♫  Can you imagine what would happen if we could have any dream.
I wish this moment was ours to own it and that it would never leave
Right here, right now I'm looking at you and my heart loves the view,
cause you mean everything, oohh!  ♪♫
~ High School Musical 3
  Yesterday Alana and I hung out to make sure we met my resolution of hanging out at least once a month (I still feel bad about how I went 8+ months without seeing her in 2015 since we only live about 45 minutes apart!) and also to celebrate her birthday which was this past Saturday. I definitely agreed when she suggested that we have a photo shoot and I like having pictures of me with all my friends while I'm pregnant. Her husband, Cody, did a super great job with all of the pictures! I kept the 50mm lens on and adjusted the low f-stop and lighting, then he willingly snapped away, excited when I gave him permission with "creative freedom".
We always tend to take a few "romantic" pictures when we are together. It's just the Ashley Tisdale/Vanessa Hudgens way of doing things that started our best-friendship! :D
  I also like this newer version of the same song title: Thank you to Jacquie for recommending this artist to me. I like him a lot and his second album comes out on Friday! The chorus really helps me shift my focus back from worrying about the future money. I should probably keep this song on repeat all day, every day! Or at least when Michael tells me that our credit card bill is somehow $150 higher than I had written in my budget notes.. Ha!

 ♪♫  I won't fear tomorrow’s unknown cause I know that it's all out of my control.
Step by step, one day at a time. I know whatever comes my way I’ll be fine.
So I’m living in the moment and never looking back,
cause I know that this too shall come to pass.
I don't need anything more than right here, right now.  ♪♫
~ Matty Mullins
 Happy 31st birthday, best friend!! 
  I was excited to tell her that Michael said he will drive up for my baby shower on Saturday. Then she asked if he would be able to give her a ride up for the few hours (since I'm going up Friday morning and coming back Saturday night). I was instantly double excited since she originally told me she had other plans and wouldn't be able to attend. Woooo hoooo!!!
 ^^ I like how big "Emma" looks in these pictures. I guess she wanted to make sure she was in the pictures too. We are 29 weeks and 1 day here while she is estimated at 17 inches and almost three pounds (I'm 127 now). Also I just called the doctor's office about my glucose tolerance results since nobody called me yesterday.. but I passed the test! They said my results were "normal". It's great to know that my body handles all the sugar perfectly! But I'm still looking forward to going back to the healthy routine that I followed in August 2014 where I was eating so healthy without any extra sugars that just one cookie gave me a headache! And my body looked super fit because I was running/ power walking a lot then.
 ^^ I loved seeing these laughing candids too. Cody did such a great job with the pictures! He mentioned to both of us about how much he likes taking pictures with nice cameras, and said he took most of the pictures when he and Alana went to Europe four years ago for their Honeymoon. He said he might be able to attend the baby shower as well, and I definitely let him know that he could borrow our Canon to take all the pictures he wants! I wish I had gotten a picture of him taking pictures because really he got to into it, with his baseball cap on backward and doing "lunge poses" to get better angles.
   After the photoshoot, we talked inside for a bit and looked at the mini Polaroids that Cody also took. Once we had cooled down, Alana and I changed clothes and went on a walk around the lake near her house. It's our "go to" route. We made it a total of 3.6 miles, and probably would have gone further but I was getting a mix of hungry, hot and shaky, so we turned around at the bridge. I am so excited to have her be a part of my baby shower on Saturday!!