Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Princess and the Pee

  I'm already laughing again from being impressed that I thought of that post title, ha! It came from how I had to ask Michael if we had a step ladder since our mattress is abnormally high and recently, being 30 weeks -and 3 days- pregnant now, I am having trouble pulling myself up onto the bed after my average of three trips per night to use the bathroom. He did have a step ladder with one step, which is perfect and while on that step, it makes the mattress a normal height.

Other bodily notes:
  -- Still having some acid reflux feelings in my throat most days, but Tums help.
  -- I have an ongoing leg cramp, which started close to two weeks ago? It's mostly in my right calf muscle, but I also felt it in my left calf last night. Luckily it doesn't really cramp up too often to the point where I have to get out of bed and walk around the room. I've begun eating bananas again to help with that.
  -- One new thing is how I feel pressure in my lower "baby areas", It is mostly felt when I'm sitting in the car, as if she is already getting in position, and/or my hips are widening or make room for "her journey"! I'm trying not to think too much about that part and keep imaging her poofing into my arms once I lay on the hospital bed. Michael told me I'll be fine though because of the epidural.
  -- Still currently weigh 127 pounds (which is a 15 pound gain since October)
  -- My Baby Brain has definitely kicked in since last week and some of the things I say don't make sense. Michael isn't prepared for that, but it is making for some funny stories already. Ha! Although he was the one who accidentally threw away a loaded $50 Buy Buy Baby gift card. Luckily he quickly realized it and dug through the trash for a minute to find it. Pheeeew!!

   Anyway, here are all my favorite "photoshoot" pictures from Saturday, before and after Emma's baby shower. Alana took the pictures of Michael and I on the Canon with the 50mm lens. Lindsey and I made sure to do "pregnancy twin" pictures again, and then I got a few "premiere" pictures with Jacquie and Tonia as well. I'm a little less in the mood to be very posey when I don't weigh 105 pounds. ;)  Sharanya wasn't able to make it to the party since she flew to LA that morning. She really had a lot of fun and I wish I could have gone hiking again in Griffith Park with her!
 ^^ Trying to hug, but our bumps are too big now. Haha. Even look so much younger and I was just a lucky pregnancy newb back when we took the first set in January.
 ^^ Tonia's baby Ashlyn is already 10 months old now. And I can't believe it has been over a month since Whitney, the girl from work (not pictured), had her baby. I seriously feel like that just happened!!
  ^^ The sign is hard to read, but it says "future BFFs". The picture below is my favorite of us.

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