Saturday, April 15, 2017

Simply Emmykins

   Thursday was my first doctor appointment without Michael being there, but it actually made me feel more adult- although I'd still be nervous to fly anywhere myself. I had to take the glucose tolerance test by drinking the 10oz bottle of flat orange soda with 50 grams of sugar within three minutes, then wait an hour for the nurse to draw my blood. They said it takes 48 hours to get the results back, so they'll call me on Monday. I'm hoping my body is great at processing sugar, since I assume if it wasn't I'd be 200 pounds by now with all the donuts I've eaten- especially this past month. But now I'm extra motivated to eat less junk and go on more/ longer walks, especially with all the "premier" pictures I want to take after the baby shower next Saturday! 
   Also while at the doctor they did another sonogram and her heartbeat was excited at 164 BPM. I noticed that the technician (I had Kristen again) typed "BREECH" at the beginning and although she didn't say anything about it, I thought that word meant something bad, so I asked. She said it just means Emma was bottom down which was fine at me being 28 weeks and 4 days. My doctor said it's not an issue unless she's still breeched at 36 and 37 weeks, then they would schedule a C-section at 39 weeks. She gave me business cards for pediatricians in our area that we will need to call or meet with at some point in the next 11 weeks. I only had to wait in the lobby for about ten minutes until my glucose hour was up and the nurse drew my blood. She also gave me a shot in the upper arm for whooping cough and a Rhogam shot in the butt for my negative blood type. "The best part about being shot in the buttocks is the ice cream." ~ Forrest Gump

   I found a new blog that I like of a girl, Taralynn in North Carolina, who documents all of her runs and the healthy foods she eats. She has some similar humor that I like and when she put a workspace together in her bedroom, she got the same Target desk that I have in my scrapbook room and the chair she picked is the same ones we have in our dining room! Right before I found her blog on Thursday evening I went for a really good two mile walk and took these pictures on my phone:
   I was excited that when I went to take the Appalachian Trail rocks out of my fannypack I found $5 in one of the pockets. Score! I also found $26 in my "diaper bag" a couple days ago, both which was cash left over from our mountain trip. I used some of that to buy eight dollars worth of baby shower decorations at Dollar Tree and then stopped by Walmart for eggs, lettuce, yogurt, bread and milk ($9.60 total). I paid a bunch just with coins at the self checkout until I felt like I had been standing there too long, waiting for each penny to process as paid. The milk was four dollars! Sheesh! I was bragging about how I'll never go back to Publix (we've been almost always going there for groceries since we moved into our house because its closer) but I don't think their milk is four dollars or I would have complained about that recently. I'll have to check when I go on Monday. I like their little hummus containers and can never find any at Walmart. Plus Walmart doesn't have a nice Deli like Publix does. The Deli makes me feel fancy and I usually only buy whatever is on sale. I'll just have to prioritize and divide my shopping again to stick to our budget. Michael says he will stick with Publix because he hates waiting in the lines at Walmart. 
   I keep feeling the need to rephrase my "what it feels like to be pregnant" comment from last month, for my own memory. The "post Olive Garden binge" feeling has really only happened maybe 3 times, one of those times being when I wrote about it and took the picture through the window reflection. Most of the time (for me) being pregnant doesn't really feel like anything except the smaller kicks feel like a little spasm, like when I get an involuntary twitch under my eye. Last night I was looking at how big my bump is getting and it didn't feel stretched or heavy. Maybe because it's growing slow enough most of the time that I don't notice or feel it happening. Michael texted me again today (when we got to the Convention Center with his friends) saying how great of a wife I am and how much he loves me, Emma, and Sasha. I told him that sometimes I still get the excited "Oh my gosh! We're going to have a baby!" feelings. We're so lucky though and I can't wait to hold and hug her for the first time and see what she really looks like on the second or third day. I think I might call her Emmy.
 ^^ Here are a couple pictures I was sent of Michael and Brian as Edrio and Benthic at the Star Wars convention today with their friends, Saida and Angela! Michael is the cute one on the left without the extra jacket. He asked if I would take some Canon pictures of them later on when they dress up again since I had to work this weekend. I sure will!!

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  1. Sounds like you were in a nice reflective mood during this post. There are many great things happening in your life and marriage now. Many positive things. The maternal instincts are kicking in! -D. (Wonderful costume !!)