Saturday, April 8, 2017

Babymoon, Part I

   Shortly after we booked this trip at the beginning of February, Michael asked me how many weeks pregnant I would be at the beginning of April and if I was going to be bed ridden (?!). "27 weeks, and oh my goodness, no!" But just to be sure I'd be able to hike a normal amount, that's when I started making more of an effort to go for walks on some of my days off. Still, walking on a flat surface for 4 miles is a lot easier than walking up a mountain for half of a mile!! By Monday of this week, Michael was already talking about how the backs of his knees were hurting and was describing shinsplints, but I felt perfectly fine, so maybe some of that walking in Orlando did help me out. Our "neighborhood" was called Vogel Springs and has about 30 cabins. Not all of them are for rent though and only a few were pet friendly. According to the pictures on the website, the place looked huge (saying it could hold 8 people!) so it seemed a little crazy that we were renting such a huge space, but it was actually perfect since two of the bigger beds were in the loft that I was scared to go up to because the stairs were not as stable as I would have liked. We slept in the master bedroom that had a kingsize bed. When I took off the sheets the second night (because Sasha got sick- again, too much baby practice from a dog, ha!) I saw that it was actually 2 double beds pushed together. But that was nice because then when Michael moved around at night I didn't feel it and wake up. Here are the pictures I got of the cabin:
  The roads were very windy, and Sasha kept putting her paw on one of our shoulders depending on which way she needed to brace herself. I later counted and there are 53 sharp curves. I wondered if we bring Emma back in 5 years if she would get car-sick. Hopefully not!!
  The main "office" where Michael picked up the key and dropped off our trash before we left.
  The dining room table right when you walk in. I really enjoyed eating together, compared to eating in front of the TV like we normally do at home. This picture was taken a few days later when Michael was working on his Star Wars costumes (sewing the knee pads onto the pants for him and Brian). Usually when he was doing this, I would read Naya Rivera's book "Sorry Not Sorry". I finished it on the last night of the trip.
 Our phones didn't have service and although the owners left the Wifi password on the fridge with other notes, it barely worked. I never even logged into it, trying to maintain a semi-Amish vacation, but I checked the weather on Michael's phone when it was working. We made a few land line phone calls to our parents, but of course they didn't pick up at first since it was from an unknown number.
  Our little kitchen that never felt too small.
 The bedroom that we used, which also had an attached bathroom (not pictured). ^^
 Second downstairs bedroom with a pretty poppy theme, and the loft (shown below) which I bravely got almost to the top of the metal stairs to get the picture. Sasha was watching me nervously. There was also a basement, where Michael washed the sheets, but it was too creepy for me and I never went down there. I was meaning to during the day, but then kept forgetting/ didn't care enough.
  Our vacation began last Saturday, April 1st, six years after graduating from Full Sail! We left the McDonald's parking lot at 6:45am and arrived at the cabin "office" right at 4pm. The ride didn't seem too long, which was great! Michael checked in where the cabin he originally wanted was located, but none of those are pet friendly and we wanted to bring Sasha, so he found this house to rent for the week two miles North of the office. The house smelled pretty musty each time we came in from being outside (only for the first few days), reminding me of when Grandma Belva used to live in the mountains. After we looked around and brought all of our bags in, we drove to Blairsville to get groceries at Ingles, then walked one mile in the "neighborhood" towards the waterfall. We didn't make it all the way because I wanted to get back before it got dark. We saw a baby bat that kept flying above us on the way "home".

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