Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Right Here, Right Now

♪♫  Can you imagine what would happen if we could have any dream.
I wish this moment was ours to own it and that it would never leave
Right here, right now I'm looking at you and my heart loves the view,
cause you mean everything, oohh!  ♪♫
~ High School Musical 3
  Yesterday Alana and I hung out to make sure we met my resolution of hanging out at least once a month (I still feel bad about how I went 8+ months without seeing her in 2015 since we only live about 45 minutes apart!) and also to celebrate her birthday which was this past Saturday. I definitely agreed when she suggested that we have a photo shoot and I like having pictures of me with all my friends while I'm pregnant. Her husband, Cody, did a super great job with all of the pictures! I kept the 50mm lens on and adjusted the low f-stop and lighting, then he willingly snapped away, excited when I gave him permission with "creative freedom".
We always tend to take a few "romantic" pictures when we are together. It's just the Ashley Tisdale/Vanessa Hudgens way of doing things that started our best-friendship! :D
  I also like this newer version of the same song title: Thank you to Jacquie for recommending this artist to me. I like him a lot and his second album comes out on Friday! The chorus really helps me shift my focus back from worrying about the future money. I should probably keep this song on repeat all day, every day! Or at least when Michael tells me that our credit card bill is somehow $150 higher than I had written in my budget notes.. Ha!

 ♪♫  I won't fear tomorrow’s unknown cause I know that it's all out of my control.
Step by step, one day at a time. I know whatever comes my way I’ll be fine.
So I’m living in the moment and never looking back,
cause I know that this too shall come to pass.
I don't need anything more than right here, right now.  ♪♫
~ Matty Mullins
 Happy 31st birthday, best friend!! 
  I was excited to tell her that Michael said he will drive up for my baby shower on Saturday. Then she asked if he would be able to give her a ride up for the few hours (since I'm going up Friday morning and coming back Saturday night). I was instantly double excited since she originally told me she had other plans and wouldn't be able to attend. Woooo hoooo!!!
 ^^ I like how big "Emma" looks in these pictures. I guess she wanted to make sure she was in the pictures too. We are 29 weeks and 1 day here while she is estimated at 17 inches and almost three pounds (I'm 127 now). Also I just called the doctor's office about my glucose tolerance results since nobody called me yesterday.. but I passed the test! They said my results were "normal". It's great to know that my body handles all the sugar perfectly! But I'm still looking forward to going back to the healthy routine that I followed in August 2014 where I was eating so healthy without any extra sugars that just one cookie gave me a headache! And my body looked super fit because I was running/ power walking a lot then.
 ^^ I loved seeing these laughing candids too. Cody did such a great job with the pictures! He mentioned to both of us about how much he likes taking pictures with nice cameras, and said he took most of the pictures when he and Alana went to Europe four years ago for their Honeymoon. He said he might be able to attend the baby shower as well, and I definitely let him know that he could borrow our Canon to take all the pictures he wants! I wish I had gotten a picture of him taking pictures because really he got to into it, with his baseball cap on backward and doing "lunge poses" to get better angles.
   After the photoshoot, we talked inside for a bit and looked at the mini Polaroids that Cody also took. Once we had cooled down, Alana and I changed clothes and went on a walk around the lake near her house. It's our "go to" route. We made it a total of 3.6 miles, and probably would have gone further but I was getting a mix of hungry, hot and shaky, so we turned around at the bridge. I am so excited to have her be a part of my baby shower on Saturday!!


  1. Cody did a fantastic job. Wonderful pictures of happy women. -D

  2. Yay Matty Mullins! Way to be ahead of the game. I had no idea he was releasing a second album!