Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Extravaganza!

It's so great to be with family for the holidays- it just makes them that much more special. We were lucky to have Michael's dad fly out to California for a weekend to be with us last Easter and also to help us with our taxes! He helped us with our taxes this year too, as well as when we lived in Orlando.

On Wednesday we celebrated Ms. Kim's birthday by dressing up and going out to eat at Ocean. I tried- and enjoyed- the "beginner's sushi". It was cooked, so I was more willing to try it. The table shared a platter with five different kinds. The three I had were very yummy. I ordered the salmon, which came with a grain that I really enjoyed. I looked it up and its called farro. I wish I had taken some family pictures with her, Meredith, Christopher, Dr. Gore, and Nana. I didn't realize I wouldn't get that chance again this weekend.
But today I got pictures with Michael (and Sasha!), Mrs. Patty, Parker and Joo. I woke up at 8:38am when I got a text from my mom, which was perfect timing, because I had set my alarm for 8:40 so I could do Day 7 of the Shred before taking a shower and getting ready for church. Michael even came to church with us! It was only my second time at that church since I work most Sundays, but I always so emotional when they sing the songs at the beginning.
After church Michael and I went back to our apartment for about an hour, until Mrs. Patty said lunch was ready. She and Dr. Gore are so wonderful to us! In the meantime, I read a book while Michael made a video review of the site mark he recently got for his new gun- an AR15. Lunch was very yummy, as all of her meals are. We enjoyed salad, rolls, honey ham, turkey, asparagus, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and deviled eggs. For dessert Parker and Joo made two different kinds of cake ~ a vanilla with blackberries and a chocolate Andes mint!
After I filled up three paper plates of leftovers, Michael and I went back to our apartment again to change into "outdoor clothes" so the five of us could go for a walk along our usual 50-minute loop at a nearby park. Later in the evening Michael and I walked around our complex, so I could check out the pool area and I wanted to show him a trail I found! Having him with me, we were able to explore more and followed one area down a rocky hill that lead to a nearby shopping center. The Winn-Dixie was open so we checked out the pasta bar and they had a summer farro salad! I got a cup of that and we headed back. The trek uphill wasn't bad. I always enjoy hiking and it was especially fun today. It was just a really great day overall!

     "Oh, the world is so much more exciting when you're in love."
           ~Morgan Menzie

Sunday, April 6, 2014

All about Lauren

My friend Lauren also started a WordPress blog about her 10-day trip to Africa which will occur at the end of May. She has included some of the anticipation leading up to her trip in less than 45 days! You can read hers here:

Sorry, that is definitely not enough talk about Lauren. Let's see.. She is one of my favorite people to be around lately. She is so nice and funny and we definitely feed off of each other's humor. We can really relate to each other's "rich Catholic problems" and we give each other ideas for non-meat Lent meals on Fridays. She listens to my frequent dreams about Cory Montieth and even waits until I look away to roll her eyes, ha! We like to come up with silly raps and share frozen yogurt on our breaks. Aww.

Michael works at Academy Sports now and last night visited us during his break. I was glad because I wanted him to meet Lauren. He told me that she reminds him a lot of my bff, Ryan (who you can read a lot more about on my Full Sail blog!) and I agree. Probably why we get along so well.

** Flashback Blog **

Yes, I know I have not posted in a long time. I've been working a bunch lately and when I'm not working I just want to watch TV. And we haven't done much lately to take pictures of. It's still been cold and rainy on my days off so I just stay inside. My parents were here for a week at the end of March and I was really glad that was able to happen, but I didn't take any pictures. I have some from my mom when we went to the gun range and maybe I'll post those later. 

** I never kept a blog during my amazing fun time at Full Sail, I'm doing it now, and writing each post as if it just happened. I'm glad I was able to fully enjoy life and all my great new experiences as much as I did then without spending even more time behind my laptop. It will cover very important things that I barely have any of on this blog, including meeting Michael, growing in our relationship and the preparation that went into the wedding!

Here is the link to my "Adventures at Full Sail" ~
It is more to the point and plain than what I'm used to, just a couple pictures and no editing at all, simply uploading. But that has enabled me to post very quickly and maybe I can complete the whole two years of blogs within two months if I stick with it.

So anyway, please check out the Full Sail blog and I will write more on here at a later date. Like after I start doing the 30 Day Shred again and Michael and I get back from Hilton Head with his family so I can show off beach pictures. Kay, bye!