Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Visit from Dawson

Since Dawson moved back to Texas with his family at the beginning of April, we have missed him a lot. But Michael has been doing a great job of being my #1 friend. We knew at some point Dawson would have to make a quick trip back to Glendale to get all his stuff from his apartment, and that ended up being this past weekend. We took him to Gordon Biersch at the Burbank Town Center since he hadn't been and Michael wanted to go again. Dawson and I shared the "Legendary Garlic Fries" as an appetizer.. they were okay.
We're hoping he make make a trip out once it a while so we don't have to go another couple of years without seeing him, like we did between graduating Full Sail and moving to California. But we aren't sure of the chances since it was a 24 hour trip for them (he drove with his parents). Here are a couple of great pictures of the three of us from April 2011, at Cocoa Beach after we completed our Full Sail lives.
Michael commented that, due to our placement, it looks like I was dating Dawson at the time instead! But these beach pictures make me excited again for Catalina Island in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let's Kayak & Snorkel!

Yesterday Michael drove us near Santa Monica Beach, to Action Water Sports where we tried on wetsuits. I looked awesome, but hated the way it felt. Super claustrophobic and hot (the store didn't have air conditioning!) and after I was zipped up, I felt like I was being choked- even worse than wearing a turtle neck. I said I would rather kayak with my regular bathing suit and enjoy the freezing bursts of wave that splash at me. If we become professional snorkelers, then I will reconsider the wet suit, but for now I sure don't want to spend $150+ on each one. And Michael is fine with that.

On a related note, we have been getting very excited for my birthday trip in a few weeks! We ordered his ticket (and my freebie) tonight to make it official. We will be taking a ferry boat from Long Beach to Catalina Island. I had only heard about this last week when there was a flyer advertising it at work. And I sure am glad I did because I am a lot more excited about it than I was for the Hurricane Harbor water park (although I still want to go there sometime this summer because it does look fun). Michael even looked up an awesome "Not So Early Bird" deal. For $75, we will both have four hours to kayak and snorkel, with all the equipment provided! Woo hoo! And there will be another eight hours of hiking and beach fun and yummy meals to enjoy that day. Look forward to lots of pictures of that.
Lately, Michael has found Chevy's Fresh Mex to be one of his favorite early dinner spots. We have probably been there three times since last week (plus another time a couple months ago) and finally got a $5 off coupon. I always like places that give you free food before you order and they give you chips and salsa. We recommend the Crispy Chicken Flautas which are served in different ways, depending on which part of the menu you order them from.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Story Blurb

Journal Post Only:

Facebook has changed how it looks again and it may have already been a year since the Timeline layout began. Either way, I was scrolling through my page and found an old Note. Notes were popular back in 2008 I guess, since that's when mine were from. I deleted the others as they were not important, but was excited to find a small piece of the third book I wrote (but never completed) called "Nearly Prominent". The printed copy of my books - which I'm sure I owe my parents around $500 for all the use of paper and ink - were thrown away by myself back in 2009. After the garbage men got rid of everything in the dumpster and I regretted my somewhat impulsive decision, I was told that my dad had the computer reformatted, erasing everything from the hard drive. Unfortunately, I did not have a copy of those estimated 240 page (each) books saved anywhere else. That is my own fault, of course, and hopefully a lesson learned!

Anywhere, here is the only piece I do have left. It does make me want to start writing again, but I can't decide if it's a "healthy" idea, seeing how I have a real husband now and not just a made up "dream guy"- Jeremy Chomsky. I apologize in advance for the rude use of profanity, almost whited out. Since this part of the story really happened (from a different point of view- if that makes sense), I wanted to keep the story legitimate and I think it adds impact.


There was a couple in line in front of us at Dairy Queen tonight. They seemed to be getting along and the girl was laughing at the things her boyfriend was saying. He looked a few years older than her, was heavier with curly hair. Even though I'm not usually physically attracted to anyone overweight, he was still nice looking. The girl looked my age and had really blonde hair, but didn't seem cheerleadery. I liked that. They both had stars on their arms. I wasn't sure if it symbolized anything. The guy had nine star tattoos on his lower left arm and some clover design on his hand. His girlfriend had four stars on her right lower arm, but I'm pretty sure hers were just drawn on with a Sharpie.

I kept watching them as they ordered off the menu, while also trying to decide what I wanted. I sighed a few times, crossing my arms or shifting my weight from one leg to the other. Jeremy got a strawberry cheesecake Blizzard and I got a small chocolate malt. He paid for our desserts while I got back in the waiting line for the employees to finish making our stuff. There was a tall, thin black girl. She seemed happy enough. Or at least she kept smiling. Her teeth were really white.

The star couple become who I watched again. The girl started getting excited about something and raised her voice. I didn't know what she was talking about and the sounds around me began to blur. But I was able to make out the next part.
The guy screwed up his face. "Don't fucking yell at me. I fucking bought you ice cream."
The girl looked kind of scared. "I know. Sorry," she apologized quietly and lowered her head. They stopped talking to each other after that.

Jeremy stood next to me and took my hand. My arm wouldn't stop shaking because I was so cold, which in turn made his arm shake too. Jeremy took his jacket off and helped me slip it on. I kissed him on the cheek, thanked him and kept watching the blonde girl and her boyfriend. They seemed okay and were talking again as they walked out of Dairy Queen. She laughed at something else he said as he opened the car door for her.

"Did you see him yelling at her? He was cussing at her and she looked really unhappy for a moment." My own boyfriend nodded. "Do you think he abuses her? Even more than just verbally?" I asked him.
Jeremy kind of laughed and shook his head. "I'm not sure. I would hope not."
"I hope not too," I agreed.
"You should pray for her tonight. For both of them."
I shrugged as Jeremy pulled a chair out for me then sat down across the table.


Back to real life:
Such a shame that Michael has been working outside all day, meaning he gets hot and likes the house to be cold. But since I've been inside all day, it's "like winter in Alaska without gloves on!" I can't imagine what our next power bill will cost ~ yipes! Michael and Ethan (the director of the severed knee project he is working), just went to Hook Burger for an early dinner. I would have joined them, but recently ate a filling snack while watching the very last episode of The Office. After nine years, I think they ended the show very nicely. Have a great day!!

Right now, I'm thinking about working on something for the month of June. If I can remain committed and strong and dedicated (and supported) to it, I think it will serve for a nice handful of blog posts.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Runyon's Peak

On Tuesday afternoon, Michael met up with a colleague from Full Sail, Lenny. While I stayed home, working on another project/gift for my mom's First Annual Mother's Month, Michael and Lenny (and a female friend of Lenny's) went to Runyon Canyon. They were gone for about two hours- the average time frame from leaving the house, to getting back home. Later that night Michael pulled up Google Maps and showed me the trails that they hiked. Of course it's hard to tell where the hills are from an aerial view, but he emphasized how difficult it was for him.

The past few times we have hiked at Griffith Park, Michael didn't want to go too far, and says his legs feel shaky, so I assumed this part of Runyon Canyon couldn't have been that hard (for me). But he took me there yesterday. The first 20 minutes was all downhill, walking on a paved-type of road. Then he pointed to a trail that went above the paved area and we followed that up (almost like rock stairs) for about 10 minutes. But the peak.. I told myself that it was one of those that "the closer you get, it doesn't really seem as bad as it does from far away". However, halfway through I almost psyched myself out, worried I would slip on one "step" and severly injure myself when I slid down the mountain. But Michael gave me motivating phrases "You're doing so great.. Almost there.. Just a few more steps.. You can make it!" And of course I got to the top. But man, my blood was flowing all through my body and rushing to my head, I felt like I was going to get sick. I didn't~ phew! ~but had not felt that intensity before while hiking. Anyway, I wanted to make a note that I am super proud of Michael for pushing himself so hard to do this.. twice!! Plus, lately he has talked a lot about wanting to take kayaking lessons. Sometimes I wonder, "Who is this guy?" Haha.

You can not tell at all how steep the mountain is from this picture that Lenny took on Tuesday, which he captioned on Facebook, "Taking on the peak like a boss!" But there is like a drop off area behind Michael, which is where I kind of got scared. You'll just have to see it/ test it out as well.. "And pace yourself", as he kept reminding me. But I've always been one who prefers to run ahead. If we hike it again, I will make sure to bring my little digital camera.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just Call Me Ms. Granger

OMG ~ I actually read a book! I feel as if this has not happened in a long time. I did get through that one around September last year.. [brain fart].. that autobiography story where the Pastor got hit by a semi and was dead for about three hours, but then came back to life after visiting Heaven then had to go through excruciating years of physical therapy.
Anyway, I went to the library last week- which is only 1.5 miles from our house, yay- and I put Mindy Kaling's book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me" on hold. I picked it up this past Wednesday and while reading it during slow times at work, got through it in only three days! It was easy since I find celebrity lives interesting (especially the stories of how they got where they are- mainly the ones who have to work hard to get there). Plus Mindy is a comedy writer and very dramatic and exaggerated, which I can relate to and find very funny. She went on about how she doesn't understand why people have one-night-stands, when all she can think about is how easy it would be for that person to murder you.
This morning I put "Bossypants" by Tina Fey, "Happy Accidents" by Jane Lynch and "Dad is Fat" by Jim Gaffigan on hold. I have a longer list, but if you keep an item on hold for too long, they charge you. So tonight, while I wait for those to become available, I will begin reading Michael Caine's book, "The Elephant to Hollywood". I took a photo of the back cover from when he was younger since I already know what he looks like now. Can you believe I got that book at Dollar Tree last year? For a dollar!! And people still wonder why I love those stores so much.
Eventually I need to read the full "Wicked" book by Gregory Maguire that Dawson gave me, aside from only seeing the wonderful Broadway play with my cousin Abby in the summer of 2009. The same goes for all of my Amish related stories, including the five-book "Jacob's Daughter" series that my mom got me for my birthday last year. But I need to be in Amish Mode to enjoy those more and right now I'm kind of in a Celebrity Mode. We do live in LA after all.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today Begins Year Three!

Yesterday Michael and I celebrated our Two Year Anniversary!! Woohoo!! And what exciting years they have been. Our sleeping schedules were a little out of wack, so after sleeping during my night off on Monday, I got up at 4am, but Michael wasn't able to fall asleep until that time, so I got on Pinterest and looked up ideas for a Vow Renewal. Michael said he would be fine with that for our Ten Year Anniversary, as long as it's not too expensive ~ so May 2021, mark your calendars!
I didn't even see my little gifts until I went into the kitchen to get my left over cobb salad. (Oh, we went to Hook Burgers for dinner the night before. It was really good and I liked the environment. I had not been there before, but Michael went earlier this week when Christopher was in town with his friend, Zack.) My sweet prince bought me these beautiful flowers- he feels that a variety is prettier, but still added a few tulips added into the mix for me, plus Reese's cups and a pack of white cardstock, which I have been asking for recently to print out all of my Project Life freebie PDF files!
Two years!! (not a peace sign this time)
Michael woke up at 2pm, he got ready then we had lunch at Portos before going hiking. We went on new trails, including a thin "off roading" path, where I stayed on alert in case it led us into a mountain lion cave! And since it had rained on Monday, the view of the city was amazing and clear and wonderful. Michael forgot to bring his phone though, so we didn't get a picture. But we went home and changed into nice clothes for our dinner date at Malbec, in Toluca Lake. Although I did not talk to her, the night gained an extra awesome star when I saw Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend walk in for their own date, halfway through our meal!! After dinner we went home, so I could change again before going to the AMC theater in Burbank for Iron Man 3. It was a really great anniversary with good conversations. ♥

Here are a few photos from our special day in 2011, by Christina ~
Silly side note ~ This morning I was woken by the lady from the school making her usual loud "warning" announcements. Sometimes I actually listen to what she tells the elementary kids and today, she kept reinforcing how important it is not to take candy or food from strangers, even if it's free. "Remember what happened to Snow White?!"

**All photos 95% edited using Pixlr. I love those colorful chemical overlays.