Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today Begins Year Three!

Yesterday Michael and I celebrated our Two Year Anniversary!! Woohoo!! And what exciting years they have been. Our sleeping schedules were a little out of wack, so after sleeping during my night off on Monday, I got up at 4am, but Michael wasn't able to fall asleep until that time, so I got on Pinterest and looked up ideas for a Vow Renewal. Michael said he would be fine with that for our Ten Year Anniversary, as long as it's not too expensive ~ so May 2021, mark your calendars!
I didn't even see my little gifts until I went into the kitchen to get my left over cobb salad. (Oh, we went to Hook Burgers for dinner the night before. It was really good and I liked the environment. I had not been there before, but Michael went earlier this week when Christopher was in town with his friend, Zack.) My sweet prince bought me these beautiful flowers- he feels that a variety is prettier, but still added a few tulips added into the mix for me, plus Reese's cups and a pack of white cardstock, which I have been asking for recently to print out all of my Project Life freebie PDF files!
Two years!! (not a peace sign this time)
Michael woke up at 2pm, he got ready then we had lunch at Portos before going hiking. We went on new trails, including a thin "off roading" path, where I stayed on alert in case it led us into a mountain lion cave! And since it had rained on Monday, the view of the city was amazing and clear and wonderful. Michael forgot to bring his phone though, so we didn't get a picture. But we went home and changed into nice clothes for our dinner date at Malbec, in Toluca Lake. Although I did not talk to her, the night gained an extra awesome star when I saw Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend walk in for their own date, halfway through our meal!! After dinner we went home, so I could change again before going to the AMC theater in Burbank for Iron Man 3. It was a really great anniversary with good conversations. ♥

Here are a few photos from our special day in 2011, by Christina ~
Silly side note ~ This morning I was woken by the lady from the school making her usual loud "warning" announcements. Sometimes I actually listen to what she tells the elementary kids and today, she kept reinforcing how important it is not to take candy or food from strangers, even if it's free. "Remember what happened to Snow White?!"

**All photos 95% edited using Pixlr. I love those colorful chemical overlays.


  1. What a lovely anniversary day! :) I love the series of smaller dates that made your date extra special. And I LOVE that last picture of you looking at Michael with him in the foreground! Beautiful! How close are you guys to this school? I didn't realize you could hear so clearly you could actually understand the lady... but that made me laugh about Snow White! Haha! :) Is that the school in the background of the first picture?

  2. Just right - the mix of text and photos, in this blog post. 2nd anniversary gifts and pics. Sounds like you two know how to shop for each other on special occassions. My favoriste pic in this bunch is "the kiss" because I know Michael had to participate while thinking about holding the camera steady and pressing the button. And he did very well ! -D