Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let's Kayak & Snorkel!

Yesterday Michael drove us near Santa Monica Beach, to Action Water Sports where we tried on wetsuits. I looked awesome, but hated the way it felt. Super claustrophobic and hot (the store didn't have air conditioning!) and after I was zipped up, I felt like I was being choked- even worse than wearing a turtle neck. I said I would rather kayak with my regular bathing suit and enjoy the freezing bursts of wave that splash at me. If we become professional snorkelers, then I will reconsider the wet suit, but for now I sure don't want to spend $150+ on each one. And Michael is fine with that.

On a related note, we have been getting very excited for my birthday trip in a few weeks! We ordered his ticket (and my freebie) tonight to make it official. We will be taking a ferry boat from Long Beach to Catalina Island. I had only heard about this last week when there was a flyer advertising it at work. And I sure am glad I did because I am a lot more excited about it than I was for the Hurricane Harbor water park (although I still want to go there sometime this summer because it does look fun). Michael even looked up an awesome "Not So Early Bird" deal. For $75, we will both have four hours to kayak and snorkel, with all the equipment provided! Woo hoo! And there will be another eight hours of hiking and beach fun and yummy meals to enjoy that day. Look forward to lots of pictures of that.
Lately, Michael has found Chevy's Fresh Mex to be one of his favorite early dinner spots. We have probably been there three times since last week (plus another time a couple months ago) and finally got a $5 off coupon. I always like places that give you free food before you order and they give you chips and salsa. We recommend the Crispy Chicken Flautas which are served in different ways, depending on which part of the menu you order them from.

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  1. The wetsuit makes you look like a Super Hero !