Thursday, May 16, 2013

Runyon's Peak

On Tuesday afternoon, Michael met up with a colleague from Full Sail, Lenny. While I stayed home, working on another project/gift for my mom's First Annual Mother's Month, Michael and Lenny (and a female friend of Lenny's) went to Runyon Canyon. They were gone for about two hours- the average time frame from leaving the house, to getting back home. Later that night Michael pulled up Google Maps and showed me the trails that they hiked. Of course it's hard to tell where the hills are from an aerial view, but he emphasized how difficult it was for him.

The past few times we have hiked at Griffith Park, Michael didn't want to go too far, and says his legs feel shaky, so I assumed this part of Runyon Canyon couldn't have been that hard (for me). But he took me there yesterday. The first 20 minutes was all downhill, walking on a paved-type of road. Then he pointed to a trail that went above the paved area and we followed that up (almost like rock stairs) for about 10 minutes. But the peak.. I told myself that it was one of those that "the closer you get, it doesn't really seem as bad as it does from far away". However, halfway through I almost psyched myself out, worried I would slip on one "step" and severly injure myself when I slid down the mountain. But Michael gave me motivating phrases "You're doing so great.. Almost there.. Just a few more steps.. You can make it!" And of course I got to the top. But man, my blood was flowing all through my body and rushing to my head, I felt like I was going to get sick. I didn't~ phew! ~but had not felt that intensity before while hiking. Anyway, I wanted to make a note that I am super proud of Michael for pushing himself so hard to do this.. twice!! Plus, lately he has talked a lot about wanting to take kayaking lessons. Sometimes I wonder, "Who is this guy?" Haha.

You can not tell at all how steep the mountain is from this picture that Lenny took on Tuesday, which he captioned on Facebook, "Taking on the peak like a boss!" But there is like a drop off area behind Michael, which is where I kind of got scared. You'll just have to see it/ test it out as well.. "And pace yourself", as he kept reminding me. But I've always been one who prefers to run ahead. If we hike it again, I will make sure to bring my little digital camera.

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