Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby Ruth

   Since we left California, and lived next to Ruth, a really old lady with stray kittens in her driveway, I don't think I have posted any cat pictures. Our friend Lacey, the girl our age who would take the sick kittens to the animal hospital and take care of them until they were healthy again and ready to be adopted, recently posted a picture of one of the kittens I helped save.
   Scooter Pie is what I named him, but I think she changed it. No big deal, as long has he gets lots of lovies, which I know he has been. And the great news is, she says they are going to keep him. Second great news, Lacey announced a few weeks ago that she is pregnant! I told Michael she was due in August, which she also mentioned on Facebook. He looked shocked and asked, "August of this year?" Maybe he should start skimming through those baby books I bought a couple years ago..

   Although I posted some pictures of Scooter Pie when I snatched him up one morning after work at the end of August, here are some more. Sasha had a crazy sniff fest after I wrapped Scoots and I up in her blue blanket. Ooooh, snuggle, snuggle!! =)
   Side note ~ I was looking for volunteer opportunities yesterday and decided that helping out at an animal shelter would be the best for me. I have looked into the Boys and Girls Club or Big Brothers, Big Sisters, but worry that I get on a "volunteer high" and after the extreme need to be helpful wears off, that I wouldn't be what the kids really need. But I can scoop poops all day! Actually, the Alabama Animal Adoption only asks that you volunteer for five hours one Saturday per month.

** To help donate 10 pieces of kibble to cats and dogs per day, please frequent these links. and! =)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Old Age Stipple

   While I was at work (my second day), Michael invited his mom over so he could try an old age make up on her. He tested a part on the knuckles of his hand the other day, which turned out pretty good. Last night he asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him, and by "movie" he meant make-up DVDs. But it looks like it gave him great tips!!
   The first picture on the left is from when he did her beauty make up a few weeks ago, and the rest are from the old age today. He even detailed Mrs. Patty's neck and added age spots. I think this is honestly one of the best special make up effects he has done. I would say my other favorite was when he did the burns on actor Mark Whitten in April 2011 for the Star Wars fan film, A Light in the Darkness

** Somehow I always forget that Blogger softens the pictures on people's faces. I even Googled why, but couldn't find an answer or anyone else asking the same question. Maybe everyone else loves it because it makes them look better (and fake) but it doesn't do any good when you're purposely adding blemishes. The info Michael found didn't end up working either.

   Today at work, the Clinic Administrator said she was proud when I took the initiative and asked the assistant manager if I could make the confirmation calls to make sure the clients were still coming to their appointments tomorrow. I felt like it was something pretty straight forward that I would be good at without needing any detailed training, and I was!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Hire, Part 7

   Exactly one week ago while laying in the bed after reading another chapter of Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert, I was thinking about jobs and wondering how long it would be before I got one. About that time, I got a phone call! My phone was on silent, so I did miss it, but two hours later checked my email and it was from the Clinic Administrator at Massage Envy. She said I could call her on her cell, which I did and we set up an interview for the next day. It went well and she sounded very interested in my photography hobby - I didn't even mention scrapbooking, gasp! Over the weekend I had to learn a script for signing new clients up for a 12-month membership and on Monday I pitched the sale to her and another employee. They both said I did a great job and I was hired at that point! On Tuesday and Wednesday this week I watched a total of six hours of training videos online at home and today was my first day.

   This is my seventh job (my fourth full time job) and its always nerving coming in, not knowing anyone or how the programs work while everyone is zipping on through like pros. But I keep thinking that in a month from now, I'll be a pro too. My goal at work this month is to sell 5 memberships! Anyone want to come in and sign up with me? ;) Luckily, today was so good. I did a lot of paperwork and got to do practice training for the front desk scheduling program. But best of all, the best news I have heard in my life: We get two free massages or facials every month!!!! I'm never quitting this job. I guess my new 5 Year Goal is to own a Massage Envy.
   When I left for work, they asked if I wanted to get a massage or facial right then. I was surprised there wasn't even a "you have to work here for three months first" rule. Incredible. Sensational. A dream come true. (I actually took a nap after work today, since I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before, and in the nap I had a massage dream. But it is real life!!) I walked back to my car and when I opened the door, there was a small bouquet in the front seat with a note from Michael. I almost started crying. I was just overwhelmed with great things. He did a great job recreating the picture from the very first time he bought flowers for me in July 2009, the week after we began dating. Aww.
   Just two minutes after I got home from work, a package arrived from my mom with Valentines goodies. Another wonderful surprise. After we took these pictures, we had lunch at McAlister's deli because we recieved a $5 coupon (free money!) in the mail. We were the only customers there at some point, but Michael says its always been like that. I got their Club sandwich and it was really good. I really liked the sauce on it, but it didn't taste like mayo or mustard. On Monday after I was offered the position, we also went to lunch at Jason's Deli. I kinda of like going out to lunch better because its cheaper and I love the chicken that Michael cooks at home. Even if we do have to open all the outside doors because the smoke is outrageous my eyes water! Haha.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Portraits ~ My Sharona ♪ ♫

   I was looking through the portraits that I took of my lovely friend, Sharanya, back in December 2011. Around that time I started getting more interested in photography with our nice Canon T2i and starting a blog and having business cards printed. I followed Michael's advice for me as a beginner to "pick your very favorite picture and then post only that one", instead of just posting all of the ones that I thought were good. So now I shall show you the other very beautiful pictures that I took of Sharanya back then. She did her own make up and I styled her hair (with naturalistic accessories) as well as picked out the jewelry of mine that she is wearing. You can also barely see the "Wild Photography" stamp that I used to put on each of my photos.
 ** These are the saved copies that I had from when I first edited them a couple years ago. I wish I still had all of the originals, but yesterday I actually had to search through Facebook to find these. I'm not sure why they were not in the appropriate folder.
   But I need to do another updated photoshoot with her later this year. Perhaps at Georgia's Little Grand Canyon, where we have talked about meeting up one weekend or for a two day trip when the weather warms up. It's pictures like the last one (above) that make me realize that her smiles and laughter are too enlightening to ask her make serious model faces, although she did a great job overall.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Month's Eve

   I was already thinking on Saturday of what resolutions I could start for February. My hyped-up orphan day plan sizzled out fairly quickly and I do need to get back into my awesome fitness groove. January was the month of the ever-delicious Reese's cups! Anyway, over the weekend Dawson was asking what I had done for New Years Eve 2013, when I realized that I never posted those pictures. So here they are now:
 ^^ My olden Dudley Farrms house. I was surprised it stayed balanced for three days. I comepleted it with a wreath and pink ribbon on the side, both made from Nerd candies. My sidewalk is tasty toasted marshamellow flavored jellybeans. ^^ Then Zach had to follow my lead.
 Jacquie made a Nativity scene. Blessed be the baby Jesus. 
We put extra cat cookies around Mommy's house when she wasn't looking! ;)
   You can read about 2012's New Years Eve post here, but this past year Sharanya came over (I got to see her a bunch over the holiday, which was so wonderful!) and played games such as Gestures, Mad Gab and Taboo with my mom and Jacquie. Then we danced to fun songs, played Wii Fit and made graham cracker houses again and stayed up until midnight. I Face Time'd with Michael since he was in Orlando and we both kissed our iPad screens.