Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby Ruth

   Since we left California, and lived next to Ruth, a really old lady with stray kittens in her driveway, I don't think I have posted any cat pictures. Our friend Lacey, the girl our age who would take the sick kittens to the animal hospital and take care of them until they were healthy again and ready to be adopted, recently posted a picture of one of the kittens I helped save.
   Scooter Pie is what I named him, but I think she changed it. No big deal, as long has he gets lots of lovies, which I know he has been. And the great news is, she says they are going to keep him. Second great news, Lacey announced a few weeks ago that she is pregnant! I told Michael she was due in August, which she also mentioned on Facebook. He looked shocked and asked, "August of this year?" Maybe he should start skimming through those baby books I bought a couple years ago..

   Although I posted some pictures of Scooter Pie when I snatched him up one morning after work at the end of August, here are some more. Sasha had a crazy sniff fest after I wrapped Scoots and I up in her blue blanket. Ooooh, snuggle, snuggle!! =)
   Side note ~ I was looking for volunteer opportunities yesterday and decided that helping out at an animal shelter would be the best for me. I have looked into the Boys and Girls Club or Big Brothers, Big Sisters, but worry that I get on a "volunteer high" and after the extreme need to be helpful wears off, that I wouldn't be what the kids really need. But I can scoop poops all day! Actually, the Alabama Animal Adoption only asks that you volunteer for five hours one Saturday per month.

** To help donate 10 pieces of kibble to cats and dogs per day, please frequent these links. and! =)


  1. It's good to know the kitten has done well, and I liked the before and after pics. -D

  2. Good for you, the volunteering in the animal shelter! I could never do that because I would want to rescue every last one...I admire people that can do that! Nice to see the kitten is doing so great!