Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Hire, Part 7

   Exactly one week ago while laying in the bed after reading another chapter of Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert, I was thinking about jobs and wondering how long it would be before I got one. About that time, I got a phone call! My phone was on silent, so I did miss it, but two hours later checked my email and it was from the Clinic Administrator at Massage Envy. She said I could call her on her cell, which I did and we set up an interview for the next day. It went well and she sounded very interested in my photography hobby - I didn't even mention scrapbooking, gasp! Over the weekend I had to learn a script for signing new clients up for a 12-month membership and on Monday I pitched the sale to her and another employee. They both said I did a great job and I was hired at that point! On Tuesday and Wednesday this week I watched a total of six hours of training videos online at home and today was my first day.

   This is my seventh job (my fourth full time job) and its always nerving coming in, not knowing anyone or how the programs work while everyone is zipping on through like pros. But I keep thinking that in a month from now, I'll be a pro too. My goal at work this month is to sell 5 memberships! Anyone want to come in and sign up with me? ;) Luckily, today was so good. I did a lot of paperwork and got to do practice training for the front desk scheduling program. But best of all, the best news I have heard in my life: We get two free massages or facials every month!!!! I'm never quitting this job. I guess my new 5 Year Goal is to own a Massage Envy.
   When I left for work, they asked if I wanted to get a massage or facial right then. I was surprised there wasn't even a "you have to work here for three months first" rule. Incredible. Sensational. A dream come true. (I actually took a nap after work today, since I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before, and in the nap I had a massage dream. But it is real life!!) I walked back to my car and when I opened the door, there was a small bouquet in the front seat with a note from Michael. I almost started crying. I was just overwhelmed with great things. He did a great job recreating the picture from the very first time he bought flowers for me in July 2009, the week after we began dating. Aww.
   Just two minutes after I got home from work, a package arrived from my mom with Valentines goodies. Another wonderful surprise. After we took these pictures, we had lunch at McAlister's deli because we recieved a $5 coupon (free money!) in the mail. We were the only customers there at some point, but Michael says its always been like that. I got their Club sandwich and it was really good. I really liked the sauce on it, but it didn't taste like mayo or mustard. On Monday after I was offered the position, we also went to lunch at Jason's Deli. I kinda of like going out to lunch better because its cheaper and I love the chicken that Michael cooks at home. Even if we do have to open all the outside doors because the smoke is outrageous my eyes water! Haha.


  1. Michael is such a sweetheart <3! That is so adorable! Miss you both...(you bunches and bunches)!

  2. I totally just donated kibble to the doggies and kitties!