Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Portraits ~ My Sharona ♪ ♫

   I was looking through the portraits that I took of my lovely friend, Sharanya, back in December 2011. Around that time I started getting more interested in photography with our nice Canon T2i and starting a blog and having business cards printed. I followed Michael's advice for me as a beginner to "pick your very favorite picture and then post only that one", instead of just posting all of the ones that I thought were good. So now I shall show you the other very beautiful pictures that I took of Sharanya back then. She did her own make up and I styled her hair (with naturalistic accessories) as well as picked out the jewelry of mine that she is wearing. You can also barely see the "Wild Photography" stamp that I used to put on each of my photos.
 ** These are the saved copies that I had from when I first edited them a couple years ago. I wish I still had all of the originals, but yesterday I actually had to search through Facebook to find these. I'm not sure why they were not in the appropriate folder.
   But I need to do another updated photoshoot with her later this year. Perhaps at Georgia's Little Grand Canyon, where we have talked about meeting up one weekend or for a two day trip when the weather warms up. It's pictures like the last one (above) that make me realize that her smiles and laughter are too enlightening to ask her make serious model faces, although she did a great job overall.

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  1. These are so good Rachel! Sharanya looks amazing! Very nice portraits =D