Friday, February 7, 2014

Old Age Stipple

   While I was at work (my second day), Michael invited his mom over so he could try an old age make up on her. He tested a part on the knuckles of his hand the other day, which turned out pretty good. Last night he asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him, and by "movie" he meant make-up DVDs. But it looks like it gave him great tips!!
   The first picture on the left is from when he did her beauty make up a few weeks ago, and the rest are from the old age today. He even detailed Mrs. Patty's neck and added age spots. I think this is honestly one of the best special make up effects he has done. I would say my other favorite was when he did the burns on actor Mark Whitten in April 2011 for the Star Wars fan film, A Light in the Darkness

** Somehow I always forget that Blogger softens the pictures on people's faces. I even Googled why, but couldn't find an answer or anyone else asking the same question. Maybe everyone else loves it because it makes them look better (and fake) but it doesn't do any good when you're purposely adding blemishes. The info Michael found didn't end up working either.

   Today at work, the Clinic Administrator said she was proud when I took the initiative and asked the assistant manager if I could make the confirmation calls to make sure the clients were still coming to their appointments tomorrow. I felt like it was something pretty straight forward that I would be good at without needing any detailed training, and I was!

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