Sunday, January 29, 2012

Perception of "Normal"

We have eaten out quite a few times lately and haven't mentioned the delicious foods that I have recently tried. Still continuing with my "resolution" of ordering different foods even if we go to restaurants that we are very familiar with. I don't have pictures of the foods since the camera on my phone is quite less than fantastic.
   *After we got my new car, a bunch of Michael's family was in town (who I hadn't met before - the 8 of them had gone to Disney and Universal the days before, celebrating a couple birthdays) and we all went out to dinner that night. Fortunately for Michael, we went to Bahama Breeze. I got the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, which was laid atop my mashed potatoes "island" with a lemon sauce and black bean/corn salsa "moat" around it. 
    *Sometime ago - two weeks ago, I think? - we used a $5 coupon at TGI Friday's. Michael normally orders the NY Strip (steak), but without noticing, I have been ordering pastas and chicken a lot. That night I got the Bruschetta Chicken Pasta. The balsamic glaze was different. We also shared a piece of Chocolate Peanut Butter pie. It was soooo good.
   *Last Monday, we celebrated our new jobs by going to Uno's. I had a $10 off coupon that night. Michael got steak and I got the Herb-Rubbed Breast of Chicken with cranberry rice and mashed potatoes. It wasn't as much as I thought it would be, but both of our meals came with a breadstick that made me wish I was eating spaghetti. I bet they would get even more business if they gave a free breadstick basket to each table. Their breadsticks were different from Olive Garden though.
   *During the week I received a romantic text message from my sweet husband saying "Shnooks, I love you. We need a good date night. How is Saturday for you?" (Oh, how I blushed!) So last night we went to J. Alexander's. I thought about getting the salmon, as I did last time - I recommend it - but its a tad pricey, so I ventured out with the Rattlesnake Pasta (shown in photo & including chicken). It was an unnecessarily large amount - not even one of those menu items that has a "half or full" portion option. I ate until my jeans felt tight and my plate still looked like it hadn't been touched. The waitress even told me "oh yeah, they did recently increase the portion size to some of the meals". This paragraph here is what the title of this post is based around. The upside is that I will have pasta to keep me full for the next few days!
   *In the "Oh Happy Day" Paris blog that I was obsessed with last week, she told a story about how a girl who had lived in Paris her whole life, went to America for about a month and gained 25 pounds! Simply because the portion sizes here are outrageous.. I'm glad that I am now able to control myself most of the time.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Pen's Story

Last weekend I went to a small hospital in Baldwin Park (a very nice town area in Orlando) for another group that was filming their 35mm. This one was probably the most intimidating experiences so far simply because everyone was whispering to each other. The crew had almost the whole floor to themselves, so they had to be quiet as to not disrupt the patients and employees. Normally I can sneak around because everyone is doing their jobs and calling out tasks for each other, but I wondered then if my shutter would start echoing in the hallway! Finally I had to literally whisper "Go!" to myself before introducing myself to all the people I didn't know and began taking pictures of them working. I believe it ran pretty smoothly.

In Country ~ Student Project

I finally got around to picking my few best photos from January 18th when I took behind the scenes photos for the current 35mm Full Sail class. Their project was called, In Country, and from their kick starter/fundraiser video, I believe the story was based around this blonde girl. I never read a copy of the script, so I'm not entirely sure. I met the crew for a couple hours in the late morning at the National Vietnam War Museum. I first was first introduced to Aaron, another photographer who is in the following class. I used my zoom lens for a lot of the shots at the beginning before he let me try out the 75mm prime lens he had. (Prime meaning there isn't a zoom, so I either need to step forward or back away from the subject to achieve the desired photo.) Although I only knew a few other crew members from working on Murder of Crows last month, a bunch of the guys were very friendly, continually asking if I needed any water or snacks. They also invited me to stay for lunch, but I generously declined.

the Burning House

Thanks to another girl's blog, I came across a very intriguing website called The Burning House. Everyone takes a picture of what they would keep should their home catch on fire. Some people seem to have a lot of stuff and others only have their phone and a picture of their parents or something. I'm not sure why I think about it so often, considering I have never been involved in a fire myself. Perhaps its because I have friends who have been involved in fires - or I just want to know how much of my "stuff" do I count as "really important". Not including Michael and Sasha, I have made 2 lists. I will share both of them with you.

What I Would Grab, IF There Was Enough Time ~

My List:
Reindeer Sweater.. Dorothy dress.. DVDs of videos I made with my friends and a couple from during Full Sail.. Dagger, the lion.. the carnival bear that I got from the set of Dumb&DumberER.. my Blood Widow Scrapbook.. a bunch of mini books I have made (includes: winter break 2009, cornfield with Michael, when Sharanya/Mia then Lindsey/Steven came to visit Fall 2010.. book of me and Michael from when we started dating to when we got married, Star Wars Convention 5).. laptop.. external hard drive.. Wide Polaroid & Mini Polaroid camera- both with extra packs of film.. envelopes full of the Polaroids I have already taken.. old pictures from when I was a baby/of Grandma Re & Grandpa Narles.. journal I am currently writing in.. "Jesus Calling" devotional book.. Mini book of "normal" (square) Polaroids that I took with Mia.

It seems to be a bit much, so I have submitted my own photo (one that is organized and much more condensed/filtered down) to their site. I will keep checking back for that. Then I will link my post here, once they have added it to their page.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Daaay One.

One day down, twenty nine more to go. Not counting weekends. Today was good. The girls at my table are nice. I enjoy getting paid to go to "school" and writing my own code of ethics. We watched a really old episode of Oprah that pertained to what we were learning in the Academy. 
Last night Michael and I got donuts at Krispy Kreme. They were all warm and shiny. I wanted to wear those old timey paper hats, but the girl said they ran out. I wonder if they normally wear them or if they are just fun for the kids. We tried watching part of Where the Wild Things Are. We couldn't really get into it. I never read the book as a kid, so.. 
Tonight Michael and I went to Uno's. I had a $10 off coupon and got the Herb-Rubbed Breast of Chicken with mashed potatoes and rice with cranberries. Both of our meals came with a single breadstick. It was amazing & made me want spaghetti! I wish they brought out a whole free basket of them. I have a list of things to do, but I'm too tired right now. I can't even form proper sentences with ample adjectives as I am used to. So I shall bid you an early "Good Night".

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today was a shopping day. Haven't had one of those in a long time. I feel like a girl again. After getting back home from a couple hours of Full Sail BTS- which now seems like yesterday (I will add pictures of that later), Michael and I went shopping because we needed new clothes. He needed more jeans for work and I didn't have many nice clothes to wear to the Academy, which starts tomorrow morning. He bought me two long sleeve shirts and an Amish looking skirt! Michael went to hang out with some friends - I heard they are trying to organize a double date with us - so I went to Plato's Closet, to see if I could find anything else good for work. And boy, did I! I got two dresses (one which I asked if they could take off the mannequin.. they did!), three skirts, a quarter length "long" sleeved shirt, and a comfy red sweater that reminded me of one that I used to have and wore all the time until shrunk too much in the wash. I'm excited to go back to "school". I have been wanting something to "force" me to get into a routine, since I'm not the best at making one myself. I'm hoping to go for walks every day after work too (with my baby weights). No naps, etc. Maybe even 10 minutes on the bike at the gym, to start with!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I want to tell you about my day in Amish Land, Sarasota with Ryan. I needed to spend a day with her before her and Ben leave to go work with the Ringling Bros. How cool! After a 2 and a half hour drive, we ended up at Yoder's Amish Restaurant. There was a bit of a line, but after maybe 20 minutes, we were seated. The menu was pretty big, but I ordered a tuna salad sandwich and Amish Noodles. Ryan got a hamburger (she said it was really good!) and a chocolate pie sample dessert. We had a lady take our picture outside the restaurant. Yoder's also has a gift shop (I got a couple items for my mom & a glass figurine for Mia). Ryan and I both found really cool collage keychain things, but they were kinda pricey for their size. We also went to the market and I got more Strawberry Rhubarb jam and Amish popcorn! After that we drove to Siesta Key beach and walked along the shore for a bit before heading back home. =)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Passport to Paris

Goodness, time has been speeding up again! I had my medical and psych evaluations yesterday before my last shift at Kirkland's. I can finally begin my new job on Monday with 6 weeks of Academy training. I came across Oh Happy Day! not too long ago and went through post after post, absorbing all the beauty of the photos she was showing off about her life in Paris. Which, of course, means.. Paris has moved to the #1 spot on my list of "Places to Travel to" (out of the country). I'll tour London after that. 
I took a walk with Sasha a few nights ago, enjoying the cool air and taking note of which apartments had their doors and windows open to welcome the weather. Something about it made me think of Paris and I opened a window in our apartment, as well, while I worked on hand-made cards. The next morning I dressed up in my best Paris street attire, craving a warm baguette. I was planning on having breakfast outside on the balcony- half of a toasted bagel with a cup of strawberry yogurt and fresh sliced mango. I got side tracked and instead, later met Michael at Sonic for his lunch break. I wasn't able to enjoy his company for too long since I was taking (& making) phone calls from the Sheriff's Office. But we were able to snap a few photos together. Whenever I crave traveling around the world, I suddenly think of how so many different countries are actually in Orlando... at the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. (Epcot!) Here are some pictures I took while "in Paris" when Michael and I went to Epcot for Spring Break in 2010. I'd love to go back soon - and this time enjoy more of it. Especially the food and music. Bonjour!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Center of History

One week ago (sorry I didn't update you on these events after they happened, but I have the time now!) Michael and I went on a day-date. Michael wanted to go to the Flea Market and I excitedly agreed, thinking it would be like this. However, it was more of a rundown strip mall that they had knocked all the walls down in between so it was one big opening. As disappointing as it was, I did find some low priced items that I may go back for later. (He did say there is a Flea Market like I was picturing in Gasden - an hour NE of Birmingham- so hopefully one day we can go there.) After that, he wanted to go to the History Center downtown because they had a Halloween Horror Night exhibit. Being stuck in my attitude rut back then, I remained quite most of the time, lagging behind and taking pictures with my old pink Fujifilm camera. The roads and trees looked very pretty. For a short time I imagined myself along the streets of New York City. We'll have to come back to walk around with the Canon another day. There were many floors to the History Center, all with different exhibits - including one about Indians, cowboys, orange juice, when Disney was being made. The only one that seemed to be closed was the HHN because they had a bridal expo going on. I guess they didn't want to creep the girls out? 
Michael has recently gone to meet some friends and have a cigar. He was very nice and asked my permission about a week ago. & I've already walked across the street and received my free Redbox rental. I got the new Sarah Jessica Parker movie, I Don't Know How She Does It. I figure I can learn something or two from it, for the future. Same with when I rented Motherhood, starring Uma Thurman.

Breakfast Tutorial

Yesterday Michael and I shared another fun date night. We had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes - with a coupon! - then saw Sherlock Holmes 2. It was kinda long, but there were a few scenes that I particularly enjoyed, including one that I kept laughing at. "Slow and steady wins the race!" Once we got home, we left again to splurge on sugar-filled frozen and bakery items.

This morning, one of Michael's make up artist friends (Stacia) from Universal came over to learn how to make 3D transfers. She brought banana nut bread from Starbucks for him and I had some of my cheese danish. I had to get it last night in memory of my main staple whilst on-set of Blood Widow. Below is a romantic self portrait of us from June, in between filming:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mystic Rain ~ In Review

I suppose the main reason that I want to show you these now is because I am scheduled to get another round of behind the scenes photos for this month's 35mm students and just need to brief myself. Plus on all the blogs I follow, they have "2011 in Review", so I need to show off something. I believe this is what you enjoy seeing more of.. *coughDaddycough* Actual work. This is what I want to do with my life. I need to surround myself in endless creative environments - indulge my time and talents into these places brought to life by a single artist's mind. The following are from the short film "Mystic Rain" which is about two guys who go to a club to pick up "chicks" and don't realize that they are in a gay bar.

DAY 1 of 4, in the SOUNDSTAGE(s)

Okay, now I have a successful confession.. I'm looking through all my on-set pictures and I'm thinking.. "These are really good!" I hope you feel the same! For whatever reason, on-set photos usually look even more amazing in black and white, occasionally with a hint of grain for an added old-timey effect.

Murder of Crows ~ In Review

For a photography blog, I sure didn't give you much of a "look" into my on-set days at Full Sail from the beginning of December. Even the two photos that I posted for each shoot had nothing to do with the production and simply a glimpse at  couple of the crew members. I apologize..  The main story to "The Murder of Crows" is about a murder (duh!) that occurs during a fancy masquerade party. Unfortunately, I wasn't there during any of the scenes involving the villain or fake blood.

DAY 1 of 4, on the SOUNDSTAGE:

DAY 3 of 4, on LOCATION (in a mansion!)

 Richie (below) was one of the key grips (lighting) for Blood Widow as well.

Parker's Photography

 I have to update real quick to show off these pictures that my brother-in-law, Parker Gore, took in Birmingham. These bird photos are amazing and I let him know that I was upset that I didn't take them myself! Haha. Maybe next time we meet up, he can even teach me something? Enjoy. (The orange-chested bird on the ground is my favorite.) 
*I should mention that the lens Parker used was a 75-300mm.