Saturday, January 28, 2012

In Country ~ Student Project

I finally got around to picking my few best photos from January 18th when I took behind the scenes photos for the current 35mm Full Sail class. Their project was called, In Country, and from their kick starter/fundraiser video, I believe the story was based around this blonde girl. I never read a copy of the script, so I'm not entirely sure. I met the crew for a couple hours in the late morning at the National Vietnam War Museum. I first was first introduced to Aaron, another photographer who is in the following class. I used my zoom lens for a lot of the shots at the beginning before he let me try out the 75mm prime lens he had. (Prime meaning there isn't a zoom, so I either need to step forward or back away from the subject to achieve the desired photo.) Although I only knew a few other crew members from working on Murder of Crows last month, a bunch of the guys were very friendly, continually asking if I needed any water or snacks. They also invited me to stay for lunch, but I generously declined.

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  1. prime lens - that's something I never heard in my past; good to know. I liked ALL of your photos! Very interesting movie set. I'd like to see the finished product. -D