Monday, January 2, 2012

Poor Tree.

I don't think I ever even posted a picture of her. She was so beautiful and I loved how she lit up the living room at night. Without her we have gone back into the vampire cave. I need to remember to check that each room has a light. It's too dark inside at night now. It was extra sad seeing our Christmas tree all naked and laying against the wall by the dumpster. Ready to be shredded. I even stopped by to give her a hug. She is gone now. They took her away. I can only hope that we will meet again - in her second life, perhaps as a book or something Amish.
Here is a picture that I took the other night since Michael said we were taking her down on the 31st. He thinks it's bad luck to have a tree up during January, but I appreciate all the other people in our complex who still have their decorations and lights around their apartment. They are nice to look at when I take Sasha for walks.

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  1. Yes, she was a very lovely tree, and she will always be special because she was your FIRST Christmas tree on your FIRST Christmas as a family :)! So glad you got some good pics. Our tree is coming down tomorrow- :( xoxoxoxoxo