Friday, January 13, 2012

Old Hobbies Die Hard

You may believe this is a complete lie or need to check if I have a fever, but lately I have been thinking that scrap booking is a waste of time. *insert dramatic spit-take here* I guess it's more of the small collages that I make that seem like a waste. I used to tape them to the wall, but I don't really like doing that anymore. Now I'm in a phase where I want to frame everything. And stores don't normally sell square frames, do they?
I do like the mini-books I've made (each month Michael & I were together, up until the wedding) and actual scrapbooks that I have put together (first 3 months of Full Sail, old "movie premieres" with my friends, Blood Widow). Since I'm on my Wizard of Oz kick, above are a few pages from when Michael and I kind of had a Dorothy & Scarecrow shoot in a cornfield along the main Hague road, back in October 2010.. 
Lately I have been saving all my paper and stickers to make holiday cards. That seems to be the best for now.

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  1. So make all your misc. pages into mini books too! Or just put them in an album to look at when you need some creative inspiration. They aren't a waste, and will give you enjoyment later. :) Love you!! xoxoxooxxo