Friday, January 13, 2012

Important Notice.

There have many many ups and downs in our relationship over the past 3 weeks. A lot of it has to do with the stress of continuing to talk about jobs, money and eventually moving to LA. But all I keep thinking about is Valentine's Day. I'm trying to sink myself into crafts that revolve around love. I've already made a decent banner and a few cards to mail out. I framed something for Michael. I was so thrilled when I found these Wizard of Oz cards at the Dollar Store! I had just bought 70% off TinMan (Halloween) paper at Scrappy Boutique, so I loved the message that was on his Dollar Store card ~ "My Heart Belongs to YOU!" I'll probably want to keep it up all the time. I do love Michael very much. I always will. Even when I am really cranky - something he doesn't always seem to be sure of. But I have been listening to Joyce Meyer CD's in my car lately (enjoying my last week with my '95 Cutlass, which has been so good to me). I have received a bunch of good messages from Joyce - most of which seemed to be directed towards me. I really like how she was talking about how people get so bend out of shape all the time because things aren't going their way when they try to plan stuff. That is definitely me right there! Joyce said that we need to stop planning things and just go with the flow because God is the one who makes the flow. Jesus said "Follow Me", He didn't say that He would follow us. *Mind Blown!*
       Michael and I have had a couple lunch dates this week - both times at Logan's Roadhouse. I think we both like Texas Roadhouse better (because of the rolls!) but Logan's is close to where he works. Yesterday I got the lunch deal, which is good Monday through Thursday - $12 for an appetizer (I got three chicken tenders with fries), a salad (Caesar - love the croutons, but the dressing portion is far too generous), an entree with a side (salmon and mac&cheese) and a dessert (a mini strawberry cheesecake - like a shooter, which came in a small Logan's bucket). It was one of those days where I feel super hungry, but after I eat just a little, I'm full. Thank goodness for to-go boxes. I will be set for the rest of the day!

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  1. Very cute tinmancard/frame. I'm sure Michael liked it a lot. Never hurts to be reminded of how special someone is! :) Keep listening to those Joycees if they help. She tells it like it is! :) Come visit and we'll take you to Texas Roadhouse!! ;) xoxooxoxoxoxoxo