Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Yesterday I had orientation at Tony Roma's which included filling out the usual paperwork then watching videos and taking quizzes for two hours about how to properly wash your hands & not to catch falling knives, etc. One thing I am very much looking forward to is: while I am in training mode, about 4 days, I "have to" try different foods that they serve, incase a customer/guest asks me what I recommend. I found out yesterday that the restaurant is known for their ribs and one of the employees let me try a couple of his on break! They were delicious. I'll definitely have to try them again. 
Tonight is my first shift. I'm looking forward to it. My clothes don't fit super great because Wal-Mart didn't have anything in my size (everything is too big). Thankfully, Michael took me shopping at Target when I got home and bought me nice slacks that fit my waist, although they are very long and need to be hemmed. 
Here are some more pictures from my phone: I can't help but pick out cute little kid clothes when we walk by that section!! And it was cold enough that Michael wanted to put Sasha's jacket on. Isn't she so pretty?! 

I know I have been way slacking on using the T2i, but haven't gone anywhere that I would be able to have the camera with me and I figured I have taken enough pictures of trees and flowers already. Any suggestions? I am hoping to take the camera to the Flea Market if we go on Sunday (a cheap date idea that Michael had). I think it will be fine, but he is worried the camera will get stolen from around my neck.. thoughts?


  1. Sounds like Michael has scored a few points with the shopping! I can hear the enthusiasm for Tony Roma's, and I like that. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to do something you've not done before, and with a great company. I enjoy your pictures, and look forward to seeing what's new each day. As for photo suggestions, I like pics similar to the sheep - limited scenes that you can emphasize in various ways. The flea market could be a nice adventure, and I would not be worried about bandits. We have gone to several flea markets around Naples, and the people are friendly and helpful. -D

  2. OOOOH sampling free ribbies! YUM! nice perk to your job! And Sasha looks very stylin' in her fancy coat! Did she go for a walk in it? The Flea market sounds fun, and a good place to take some new and interesting pictures. Yay to Michael for taking you shopping!! :) xoxoxoxox