Sunday, January 15, 2012

Center of History

One week ago (sorry I didn't update you on these events after they happened, but I have the time now!) Michael and I went on a day-date. Michael wanted to go to the Flea Market and I excitedly agreed, thinking it would be like this. However, it was more of a rundown strip mall that they had knocked all the walls down in between so it was one big opening. As disappointing as it was, I did find some low priced items that I may go back for later. (He did say there is a Flea Market like I was picturing in Gasden - an hour NE of Birmingham- so hopefully one day we can go there.) After that, he wanted to go to the History Center downtown because they had a Halloween Horror Night exhibit. Being stuck in my attitude rut back then, I remained quite most of the time, lagging behind and taking pictures with my old pink Fujifilm camera. The roads and trees looked very pretty. For a short time I imagined myself along the streets of New York City. We'll have to come back to walk around with the Canon another day. There were many floors to the History Center, all with different exhibits - including one about Indians, cowboys, orange juice, when Disney was being made. The only one that seemed to be closed was the HHN because they had a bridal expo going on. I guess they didn't want to creep the girls out? 
Michael has recently gone to meet some friends and have a cigar. He was very nice and asked my permission about a week ago. & I've already walked across the street and received my free Redbox rental. I got the new Sarah Jessica Parker movie, I Don't Know How She Does It. I figure I can learn something or two from it, for the future. Same with when I rented Motherhood, starring Uma Thurman.

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