Friday, January 13, 2012

Outside Adventure

I feel as if my creative skills have lacked these past few weeks because we haven't gone anywhere recently. At one point we talked about going to Mobile to stay with NaNa and Michael's family would meet us there for a few days. I was very excited about that. But since we got a bunch of jobs and we were working all the time (most of the credit goes to Mr. GoreFX), we didn't have time. He wanted to go to Birmingham for a few days - I think we would have left tomorrow - but he got a new job at Ripley's (their distribution center) and starts on Monday. I was hoping to go up there, especially if it snowed and because Parker has a T2i as well and has different lenses than us.
There is far too much green in Florida right now for a January. The red and dark orange leaves are pretty, but I kind of miss freezing in the early mornings last year while we filmed Gruff's Bridge. However, I was still able to wear a few layers with a scarf and my fuzzy hat. These are the best photos I was able to get today while walking around. I like the one of the branches and sky because it reminds me of the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy gets taken by the winged monkeys. For whatever reason, that's one of my favorite scenes. Maybe because they can fly?


  1. I like all the pics, but I like the leaf on the "brickstones" best. Glad to have you back on the blogoshpere.

  2. OOOH! I really like the leaf picture too, and the sky branch picture. You'd never know they were taken in FL. And the dandelions look so fluffy :), very good detail. I like them all!!! xoxooxoxox