Friday, January 6, 2012

Training Fun

My first two days at the new job have gone well. I've already learned all the table numbers. I do kind of panic when we have a rush and 50 people come in at the same time and we don't have enough tables, but that only lasts about half an hour before it calms down again. Phew! Time time goes by pretty quickly and I always enjoy that - means I'm having fun! I get to try the food for free. Yesterday I had the sampler (spinach dip, onion rings and buffalo bites with chips and salsa). Luckily, a bunch of employees came on break and help me eat it! 

Wednesday night after work I met Michael and a bunch of his make up artist friends from Universal at Dave & Busters. Luckily that was only about four buildings down from the restaurant, so I couldn't get lost. There were some friendly faces there who I had met/ eaten dinner with before (Tom, Saida and Osiris). Their team leader, Skeet, introduced himself and gave me a card with points on it, which I spent almost all of them on Skeeball! Michael even won a plush dolphin in one of "the claw" machines. Later he sat down at a game where the light goes around and you try to hit the button at the exact right time to win the bonus tickets (502 that round!). He kept getting so close, which was still good because he got 10 tickets each time. I tried it as well. A guy who sat down next to us, got all the bonus tickets after a few tries. No fair! We didn't spend any of our tickets on lame prizes. I'm sure we didn't have enough for anything more than a glow in the dark spider ring or something. I just like playing the games and having a fun time!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun day!! And staying busy too! The food looks delish, we'll have to check it out someday :). Was that your first time at Dave & Busters in Orlando? Are you saving your tickets for something special? :) xoxoxoxoxox