Saturday, January 14, 2012

Murder of Crows ~ In Review

For a photography blog, I sure didn't give you much of a "look" into my on-set days at Full Sail from the beginning of December. Even the two photos that I posted for each shoot had nothing to do with the production and simply a glimpse at  couple of the crew members. I apologize..  The main story to "The Murder of Crows" is about a murder (duh!) that occurs during a fancy masquerade party. Unfortunately, I wasn't there during any of the scenes involving the villain or fake blood.

DAY 1 of 4, on the SOUNDSTAGE:

DAY 3 of 4, on LOCATION (in a mansion!)

 Richie (below) was one of the key grips (lighting) for Blood Widow as well.

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  1. Ahh. More great BTS photos. I enjoy looking at the details in the focused/unfocused depth-of-field photos. Above, I liked the "blue mask" because of the horizontal lines blended on the left and right. (Next time, tell Richie to pull his pants up. )