Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Pen's Story

Last weekend I went to a small hospital in Baldwin Park (a very nice town area in Orlando) for another group that was filming their 35mm. This one was probably the most intimidating experiences so far simply because everyone was whispering to each other. The crew had almost the whole floor to themselves, so they had to be quiet as to not disrupt the patients and employees. Normally I can sneak around because everyone is doing their jobs and calling out tasks for each other, but I wondered then if my shutter would start echoing in the hallway! Finally I had to literally whisper "Go!" to myself before introducing myself to all the people I didn't know and began taking pictures of them working. I believe it ran pretty smoothly.

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  1. I see several folks with headphones on. Are they communicating to each other, or are they not inter-connected? -D