Saturday, January 28, 2012

the Burning House

Thanks to another girl's blog, I came across a very intriguing website called The Burning House. Everyone takes a picture of what they would keep should their home catch on fire. Some people seem to have a lot of stuff and others only have their phone and a picture of their parents or something. I'm not sure why I think about it so often, considering I have never been involved in a fire myself. Perhaps its because I have friends who have been involved in fires - or I just want to know how much of my "stuff" do I count as "really important". Not including Michael and Sasha, I have made 2 lists. I will share both of them with you.

What I Would Grab, IF There Was Enough Time ~

My List:
Reindeer Sweater.. Dorothy dress.. DVDs of videos I made with my friends and a couple from during Full Sail.. Dagger, the lion.. the carnival bear that I got from the set of Dumb&DumberER.. my Blood Widow Scrapbook.. a bunch of mini books I have made (includes: winter break 2009, cornfield with Michael, when Sharanya/Mia then Lindsey/Steven came to visit Fall 2010.. book of me and Michael from when we started dating to when we got married, Star Wars Convention 5).. laptop.. external hard drive.. Wide Polaroid & Mini Polaroid camera- both with extra packs of film.. envelopes full of the Polaroids I have already taken.. old pictures from when I was a baby/of Grandma Re & Grandpa Narles.. journal I am currently writing in.. "Jesus Calling" devotional book.. Mini book of "normal" (square) Polaroids that I took with Mia.

It seems to be a bit much, so I have submitted my own photo (one that is organized and much more condensed/filtered down) to their site. I will keep checking back for that. Then I will link my post here, once they have added it to their page.

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