Friday, January 6, 2012

There's a New Food Critic In Town

Today was very interesting. I have normally been sleeping in then watching shows on Hulu until its time to get ready. But today I went shopping by myself (had to get the slip-free shoes for work) and then moseyed on over to Michael's Crafts and got a bunch of cards for only 20 cents each. What a deal! It was really nice being out and about during the sunlight hours. It was like a vacation from our apartment. A strange, yet joyous feeling.

Tonight was another good night. I found out I get paid regular minimum wage as a trainee, to make up for that fact that I'm not getting tip-share right now. Phew! Today for my free meal I ordered the three types of ribs: Original Baby Backs, St. Louis and the Bountiful Beef along with two sides: Bacon Mac & Cheese and Potato Medley. They have different "decorations" on the ribs to show what kind of sauce is on them. How thoughtful! The jalapeno is for the Red Hot. The onion ring represents the Blue Ridge Smokey and the orange wedge is for the Carolina Honey.
I spent the first hour taking quizzes and enjoyed the rest of the shift, meeting the other hostesses. I had a wonderfully short conversation with one family (guests) about Universal and the Harry Potter park, which they had spent their day at. One of the managers said I could go home early to study the menu. So that's what I'm doing now. I'll be a pro soon enough!

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