Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Visit from Dawson

Since Dawson moved back to Texas with his family at the beginning of April, we have missed him a lot. But Michael has been doing a great job of being my #1 friend. We knew at some point Dawson would have to make a quick trip back to Glendale to get all his stuff from his apartment, and that ended up being this past weekend. We took him to Gordon Biersch at the Burbank Town Center since he hadn't been and Michael wanted to go again. Dawson and I shared the "Legendary Garlic Fries" as an appetizer.. they were okay.
We're hoping he make make a trip out once it a while so we don't have to go another couple of years without seeing him, like we did between graduating Full Sail and moving to California. But we aren't sure of the chances since it was a 24 hour trip for them (he drove with his parents). Here are a couple of great pictures of the three of us from April 2011, at Cocoa Beach after we completed our Full Sail lives.
Michael commented that, due to our placement, it looks like I was dating Dawson at the time instead! But these beach pictures make me excited again for Catalina Island in 2 weeks!

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