Monday, June 3, 2013

Let Us Watch the Grass Grow, Vol. I

Over the weekend, MB (the owner of our house) flew in and had his two Hispanic helpers, Vinny and Guermo.. if I could link a business card here, I would.. dig up the dead weeds in our front yard and cut up the huge roots from the trees. They had "yard instruments" to shuffle the dirt and put down rubber mulch (but it looks real!) in the strip by the chimney and along the driveway. Instead of laying down sod, they sprinkled fertilizer and grass seeds. That way the grass will really get into the ground and not be easy to pull up, like sod would. We're hoping the grass will grow very nicely over the next two weeks and have more pictures to show you, but first all of Ruth's stray cats need to stop using the soil as litter! Here are a few (yard pics) that Michael took while I was sleeping:
MB also got Michael a playhouse looking shed, so he could move all of his make up stuff (including Tiffany, aka Blood Widow) from the POD in the driveway, into the shed. All we need now is a kiddy pool- I'm actually trying to convince Michael to let me buy one! Maybe he could even construct a slide from the top of the shed into the tiny plastic pool .. Yeah, I'm ready so for our Catalina water adventures.. 8 DAYS!!

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  1. When you went from talking about kitty litter to saying here are some photos, I was a little hesitant to scroll down (didn't wanna see kitty poo). Haha! I hope your grass grows in super fast and the cats will leave it alone for you. I bet Sasha will be super excited to have grass!! :)