Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grass Attack

Here are some wonderfully detailed pictures I took of our yard and such this morning, after getting lost on the way to church. I blame it on my new Christian jams that my BFF, Susan, sent me in the mail yesterday! ;) I took an exit too late, then ended up in the middle of Burbank, without any signs around for the main road that the church sits at. It was a familiar area- that light facing the big Warner Brother's Studios sign with the cartoon super heroes on the building. However, since I didn't have the church address memorized, I was unable to program it in to my GPS and I was only 90% sure how to get back home from there. I'm sure I could have made it, but a GPS lets me know that my assumptions are correct. Next time will be a breeze!
Michael has been looking at lawn mowers recently during his daily trips (yes, plural) to Home Depot. He has been making small purchases lately, such as longer screws, aluminum tape and thin wood sheets for the seven foot baker's rack heat box he started working on last week. He's about done now, but on Friday he put down more grass seeds over the patchy areas closer to the front porch. We are continuing to water the yard for one hour each day.
I often forget how incredible of pictures the Canon T2i can take. Or when we go places, I  usually just take the main lens because "it's good enough" and less of a hassle than to carry around the backpack. Look how intense this detail is on the mushrooms and pinespur (obviously I made up that second term). Dirt and tiny sticks have never looked so beautiful! And a zoom lens is always great for sneaking pictures of your neighbor's stray kittens. I named these two Zip and Leo.

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