Sunday, June 16, 2013


Within the past few weeks, six new kittens have entered this world. I'm sure there are far more born than that, but only six that we know of on our street. Michael and I would always know when they were outside because Sasha would go crazy and lose control of her body, falling all over the couch to get to the front door as quickly as possible. But we wouldn't let her out, especially lately since the grass is still growing.
I had taken pictures of the kittens on Wednesday, mainly one that looked like his eye had been injured. I felt so sad for him. He looked sad and just sat their curled up in a ball. I had found him on the bench, in the driveway and by the sprinkler faucets. I didn't know if the kitty was actually blind in one eye or partially deaf or just didn't care, but on Wednesday he let me pick him up without squirming or meowing. Scoooop!

I named him Cy, short for Cyclopse. I was ecstatic! With Sasha in the bedroom, I brought Cy into the bathroom, then ripped up a turkey slice with a dixie cup "dish" of milk. He wouldn't take either and he felt like a bag of bones when I picked him up. ☹ I made sure to be extra gentle and hold him close. Michael came home shortly after and I got excited to tell him that I caught one of the kittens, especially since I thought that's what we were supposed to do so an employee or volunteer from the animal shelter could come get him.

"You didn't catch the kitten." Michael said, almost laughing.
I laughed back, delighted. "I'm so serious. I really did. The kitten with one eye- he's is in the bathroom right now."
He squinted his eyes, unsure, "No he's not.."

For some reason, as often as Michael gets upset or aggravated about the bigger adult cats that our elderly neighbor "takes care of" and I use that phrase loosely, he has a soft spot for the little kittens. He even wiped the pus from Cy's closed eye with a wet q-tip. And Eureka! His eye began to open halfway. Michael told me that I had to put the kitten back outside, and I'll admit I was beginning to feel a tad sneezy, but he agreed to take some pictures of me holding Cy before I let him go. Precious, right?
I messaged our friend Lacey yesterday morning because when I came home from work, all of the kittens and their aunts and uncles were sitting in our neighbor's driveway. I ran back inside for the camera and was able to get some really nice pictures of the little fur balls. Lacey texted me back and said she would come over to catch the kittens and take them to the vet. I wasn't able to help her since I reminded her that I sleep during the day from working at night and I was especially tired yesterday, but Lacey was able to catch four kittens by herself. She said they seemed to want to be caught, while the others looked healthier and ran away. Hopefully some nice families will adopt them very soon.
I just realized that Ruth's front yard has very lush grass. I hope ours can get like that!
*I did look up that Cyclops is spelled without the "E" on the end, but I like it better with it.


  1. These are some nice photos. Aren't they so cute when they are tiny? -D

  2. *Aaachoo!*

    I'm glad you guys were able to help Cy :) If you hadn't explained his name I might've thought it was from Duck Dynasty, lol...not that there is much resemblance. Hopefully they will get adopted soon and have loving homes! <3