Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cutting the Grass

Ladies and Gentleman: What you are about to hear is a shockingly true fact ~ Before today, Michael had never mowed the grass! (Although he did use a weed eater a few months ago.) I bragged about my hours of driving I logged using my dad's riding mower for our bigger yard. "I got excited to mow the grass each weekend because I counted it as driving time, before getting my real driver's license." Today after I ran a bunch of errands around town, mainly buying thin pieces of scrapbook paper, I went with Michael to Home Depot. We picked up the 21 in. 190 cc Walk-Behind Gas Mower.
He was a little nervous at first -see the silly smile above, ha- but he did a good job. I liked that he didn't cut the grass too short, so it still looks thicker and healthy. I think he had fun!

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