Sunday, June 30, 2013

Journals Galore

After racking up $15 over the past three days, for giving Michael back scratches for about an hour each day, we went to the craft store where they were having 40% off your whole purchase of regular priced items for today only. I had been looking at what I thought were Smash journals, and decided on those, except it turns out that the brand is actually called Recollections- my mistake. But I got what I wanted. It's a small binder that comes with 36 colorful scrapbook sheets and I got the one that has camera and cloud designs- my favorite. Every time I see cloud themed papers, I have to get them. It's been a beautiful problem for the past couple of years now.
I have so many journals ~ but the reason questions is.. Do I really have too many? Or not enough! And it's not just main journals (by the way, I absolute love the 70% recycled Greenroom journals because of their thicker paper- they are normally $10 at Target). I have already used two as writing journals and two as albums for my wide Polaroids. But I'll also collect notepads for scratch paper and writing grocery lists. Sometimes I rip up lined paper into smaller pieces and staple them together. Rochelle from work even asked me to make her one last week with blank printer paper. I enjoyed that! None of these below have been written in yet, but I like knowing they are available for my thoughts.
On a side note ~ all these head molds have been starting to creep me out lately, especially at night. Although Sasha never tires of exploring all the nooks and crannies, searching for Ruth's stray cats, even if it means getting spiderwebs all over her face every time. I wish I knew who all of the actors were for these face casts and what movies they were used in. I've only been able to point out Patrick Stewart so far (not pictured). Do you recognize any of them?

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  1. Those are some pretty cool journals. A nice hobby for you. -D