Saturday, June 22, 2013


I always know it's been too long since I updated my blog when the page asks me to sign in again. I have been lazy and watching reruns of "The Office" a lot lately, although last night Michael and I did go on a date to Hook Burger then to see the comedy "This is the End", which Emma Watson was in for about 5 minutes. All of the actors played themselves.

I believe I already explained everything necessary in the Catalina "Birthday Supreme!!" post, so I will just leave you with some of the pictures I took with the $8 Fujifilm underwater camera then got developed at Walgreens five days later. Like I mentioned before, since they don't give you the negatives back anymore, a free CD of your pictures is included, which was nice for me since we don't have a scanner anymore.
About to start our 4 hour escapade!
Frog Rock
NOTE: I did not edit any of these pictures. The camera came with 27 pictures; these are the best of the bunch. And I did not get a picture of the sea lion in time. It just looks like a picture of the water, so I did not include it here. Have a great week!!

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